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Bargain Glitter Eyeliner = Gimme

NYE is literally just around the corner and what do you need for it? Some glitter eyeliner of course. What makes a glitter eyeliner bloody fantastic? Well, if it's £2.99 obviously. Whaaaaaat... Collection 2000 come thru pls. How fab is that? I'm a bit like a magpie at the moment, soon as I see something with a slight sparkle in it then I​ must purchase. I originally was going to buy one of the Urban Decay Heavy Metal eyeliners but I just couldn't justify spending £16 on a product that I'm not too sure I'll get much use out of it but then I remembered that I've seen these floating about online and I sprinted to Superdrug to purchase. I can easily justify spending £2.99 in comparison (no offence urban decay I still love ya) but during this skint period after I've spent all my Christmas money, I had to settle for the cheaper option and boy let me tell you, I DO NOT REGRET IT.

On the website, it offers you a range of various colours to choose from however in store I've only seen the two colours above - Gold (Funk) and Silver (Glitz) and I wanted to try before I buy as I've never bought a glitter eyeliner before. The silver is more of a chunkier glitter with multi colour reflects and the gold is more of a fine glitter but still as sparkly. Never mind the price tag, these are definitely worth it. These feature a thin wand with a small brush on the end so it's easy to apply as just a liner or even apply over eyeshadow all over the lid (which is what I've done to add more of a intense sparkle, perfect for New Years eve!). One application can do nicely however the silver is a little sparse (due to the chunky glitter) but nothing a second application won't fix and it helps that the gel itself is also coloured. I trialled and tested for you and I can honestly say that these are also hard to get off!! After wearing all night, it took me x2 cotton pads per eye to ensure all glitter was off.

If you're new into the glitter liner trend like me, then these are perfect to purchase. They apply as good as high end products in comparison, they are long wearing and they are definitely sparkly enough. Now just to find the other colours as I will definitely be purchasing the rest of the range especially at only £2.99 (here) what's not to love!

Thank you for reading xo

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