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Revolution 'Velvet Rose' Reloaded Palette a.k.a Soft Glam Dupe!

I've previously done a blogpost comparing the Make Up Revolution Palettes to the Anastasia Beverly Hills ones because the shade selections are literally spot on but it seems like they've pulled it out of the bag once again offering a much, much, MUCH cheaper alternative to the very loved ABH Soft Glam. This pretty palette only costs a whopping £4 from Superdrug...yep, dirt cheap and it is called Velvet Rose. I believe it has only recently been released alongside a few other varieties but isn't it pretty much identical in terms of colours?!

These palettes are only cheap which is probably why it is in very basic packaging with a clear lid, no mirror or brush however what I do prefer about the MUR one is the size of each pan, I just love the fact there is so much room to really get your brush in there and pick up that colour.

In terms of shades, you can see from my swatches (left swatch is ABH and right swatch is the MUR), they are pretty identical! What surprised me was the shimmer shades in the MUR palette. I didn't think they were that pigmented which is unusual as they are the easier shades to create, apparently, therefore you tend to be more impressed with those than the mattes. However, the matte shades did make up for it as I think they were great, especially the darker colours!

The glistening dupe didn't really show up well but the orange soda was really pigmented!

Rose Pink seems identical and the Sultry dupe looks more pigmented than the ABH one but then the Bronze dupe again was a let down and the Mulberry dupe doesn't actually look that great here however it is buildable.

The dusty rose came up more than the ABH one whereas the others from this row look very similar just slightly less pigmented. 

These swatches from this row doesn't look the best however I was really impressed with the colours. 

Ok so as you can see, some of the colours weren't as pigmented as ABH but that's expected however do not think that they aren't buildable. You can really pack on the matte colours so easily to intensify it and they blend out very softly too. Like I said, I wasn't overly impressed with the shimmers (except the sultry and rose pink dupes) as it seems you could barely pick up any from the gold/bronze shades, even with a finger! They do feel like a different texture to the darker shimmers as the darker shimmers are more velvety to touch, similar to the ABH. Strange that they didn't use the same formulas for them?!

E x c u s e the messy eyebrows but I wanted to do a quick non MUA look (obv b'cos I'm not artist) as to how I would wear this palette on a day to day basis. The dupe colours I used were Orange Soda, Burnt Orange, Sienna and Noir. I did try to add some of the shimmer shade which was rose pink in the middle and Fairy towards the inner corner but it did lack pigment. Perhaps if I were to put down a glitter glue base first then it might intensify the pigment a little more. 

For only £4 though, you can't really complain! If you haven't already got Soft Glam and you feel like you can't justify spending the forty odd quid on it as you may have similar colours etc, I would deffo say to purchase this. It's such a good bargain and the mattes worked out really well for me. This is a palette I would definitely use so I don't waste my ABH one haha. 

Have you tried any of the Reloaded palettes yet? Do you know any more dupes for the ABH ones? Thank you for reading and until next time, 
Chelsea xo


  1. I have the subculture palette and i'm in love with it

    1. It's so pretty isn't it, I have a few of them now and they're such good dupes x

  2. Do each of the shades on the MUR palette have individual names?