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Battle of the Highlighters; High End v High Street

Hello to any readers out there and welcome to my second blog post! Yay!

I've decided to base it around highlighters cos everyone is loving a good highlighter at the moment and thought I'd do a slight comparison on the palettes I've recently bought. The first one being the very popular Aurora Glow Kit from Anastasia Beverely Hills which is my high end purchase and my high street fabulous buy (also being my everyday wear) would be the Sleek Quad Highlight Pallettes - Cleopatra & Solstice - couldn't just stick with the one, had to buy both didn't I..

(You may have to bare with me when it comes to the photos as I'm currently having to work with my iPhone 6 but, brace yourselves, I should be purchasing my first DSLR camera this weekend as it's my birthday and to say I'm excited is an understatement!)

The Aurora Glow Kit is my first ABH Highlighter palette as I was very hesitant in splashing out on highlighters when there are so many decent high street ones, but I tell ya what... I don't regret the splurge. When I first saw Norvina and ABH release the teaser videos on Instagram, I just knew I HAD to get it. I mean, look how beautiful it is! Out of all the glowkits ABH offer, Moonchild and Aurora are definitely a bit of me. Gimme Gimme Gimme.

When my package arrived (which can I say was very quick considering it despatched originally from Holland and arrived within 3 days) I was like a child at Christmas but can we just talk about the packaging first please cos look... who doesn't love holographic detail and a purple ombre? 

In terms of pigmentation, the swatches I've seen all over my newsfeed as well as the ones I've done myself are intense. However, applying that to your cheekbones I felt was a different story. Perhaps it was because there is a lot of fall out and the glitter, on my opinion, was quite chunky compared to other highlighters I've had. To apply this, I found it was best to set my face first with Mac Fix+ and then highlight the shit out of my non existent cheekbones, nose, eyebrow bone and cupids bow. The colour selection is amazing and you do receive a good amount in the pan of 4.25 grams per shade. 

The shades are:
Eclipse – Pink champagne pearl with a peach reflect - MY FAVOURITE SHADE
Luna – Mother of pearl with an icy orchid reflect
Spectra – Sparkling lilac pearl with an iridescent blue-green reflect
Helia – Yellow gold pearl with a turquoise reflect
Orion – Blue pearl with a purple amethyst reflect
Lyra – Rose gold pearl with a champagne orchid reflect

You can purchase the Anastasia Beverley Hills Aurora Glow Kit here RRP £39 (and free delivery woo).

Now my High Street highlighter would have to be from the Sleek Collection. I've been using Solstice (the pink palette) for months and months as it's definitely my go to however I've recently bought the Cleopatra Kiss (swatches above) and I can honestly say it's still up there as one of my faves. 

The Cleopatra Kiss comes with x2 cream highlighters and x2 baked highlighters. I love how versatile this palette is as you can use the creams or baked alone or if you really want that serious glow then I tend to layer it up as it's very buildable. Although the picture doesn't do it that much justice, I found that the pigments are great for the price. Their very smooth and creamy with no chunky glitter/fall out like the ABH one so if you're on a budget then I definitely recommend considering each palette is only £10!!

 Two very different palettes but both do the job and get those bones popping. I don't regret the splurge on the ABH Aurora Glowkit as I love the colour range and you can really switch it up depending on the look you're going for, also being able to apply to your eyeshadow or even lips for a metallic affect however the Sleek palettes are definitely my go to everyday wear and they're at such good value. What one would you choose? Feel free to leave me a comment as I'd love to know your recommendations...

Chelsea xo

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