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BH Cosmetics; Review + Swatches

Hey and welcome back to my blog!

Sorry again for not posting in timeeee however I've been manically searching high and low for a suitable place to move out into and finally, I've found somewhere! Who knew how hard it was to spread your wings and leave the nest eh?

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I bit the bullet and placed an order with the American brand BH Cosmetics (as you can tell, I LOVE these American brands!) after seeing a massive hype on Instagram and through other bloggers etc.I can honestly say after testing the items that I've got for the past week, I wish I had ordered more!! I love this brand! One of my new favourites I reckon. I got the sought after Carli Bybel Deluxe Palette, Take me to Brazil Palette, The Spotlight Highlighting Palette and I received a free 7 piece eye brush set - YES TO THE FREEBIES...

 Carli Bybel Palette

This amazing palette features x15 eyeshadows and x6 Highlighters/eyeshadow pans. First impressions - looooove the packaging. I'm really into white marble at the moment especially with copper writing so for me this was a winner and the fact that a lot of BH Cosmetics items come with a mirror - all about that convenience when you need it.'Aspire to Inspire' - Carli gurlll you're inspiring me right now. 
Now the colour hues are reaaaally what got me, especially the pink/orange duo chrome pan (top row, 4th in) as that is probably only reason why I chose to order directly from America and not wait until it came out on Beautybay! The top row consists of the orange-pinks, middle you have your violets and purples and the third row is your bronzed. Now the pigment is slightly up and down with some of these shades, I would consider the metallics to be more intense with re-application with your finger but the mattes blend out so lovely.
The highlighting shades, well, they are PIGMENT TO F*** .... as you can see below, that was after only one swish of my finger.. gorgeous. The colour range for my skin is perfect however for warmer toned skin I think would be limited. Overall this palette, due to the colours I would rate a 7/10 and for only $22.50 here thats a bloody good investment.

Take me to Brazil
So I made a slight schoolboy error when ordering this as if I had waited an extra few days then I could've got the newest edition (Take me BACK to Brazil) and would've got x5 extra shades however I'm an impatient little bean and decided what the heck it's cool as I've got shades similar...but now they've taken this version off of the website and only restocked the new one...
Anyway, how pretty and bold do the colours look? Amaaaazing product for the value that's for sure as I can honestly say that these colours are very bold and the pigment is great. I would say only slightly chalky but great. Also, you don't see a lot of eyeshadow palettes that actually come with a bigger pan of black and white (although the white is slightly duo chrome) meaning you can create so many diverse looks with just one palette! The new version currently retails at $16.99 here. Maybe a future blog post for Battle of the bright palettes will be uploaded soon.....
Now because I chose this palette, it also came with free brushes which are pretty fluffy, bonus!

 Spotlight 6 Colour Highlighter Palette

Does this palette remind you of something??? It definitely reminded me of the ABH Glow Kit, I can't say if it's an actual dupe yet as I don't own the ABH Glow Kit as of yet but if it is then wow.... 
 Now, anyone that knows me knows I lurveee the highlighters. I mean, how many blog posts do I have to do based around different products I keep buying to prove that I love dat glow. THIS PALETTE IS LIFE. I probably say that about a lot of palettes I buy, I can't help it if I have a good eye for highlighters ok... All I'm saying is, if you order from BH Cosmetics don't forget to order this because whenever I wear it, damn right I get a comment about my highlight. Also, it's a palette that actually lasts all day too - for only $16.99 here that has made my life woooo
They also do a Backlight version with more blues and purple toned icy highlighter shades however I already have very similar palettes with that in.

All in all, I would definitely recommend this brand. It took 2 weeks to come and all of this only came to £50 (shipping included) AND my customs fee was £17 so not too bad when you think of the large pallettes I've bought and the freebies included. Only downer about BH Cosmetics that I would say is that you can't get free international shipping on any orders and the more you order then the more the shipping gets which is why I had to remove some things out of my basket :( 

Other than that, thank you for reading and keep an eye out for the next few posts as I've got some more batboy reviews coming up and a little more DIY

Love Chelsea xox

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