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Colourpop Haul; Review + Swatches

Hello angel faces and welcome back to my blog.

Sorry I have a delayed blog post (not a great start eh) however I've been sooooo busy since my birthday! I had We Are Fstvl, which was amazing, then I had to go to Nottingham to visit my boyfriend for his birthday, organise and host a baby shower AND go to a wedding reception all in the space of a week. Pretty hectic!

Anyway, recently I placed an order with the ANIMAL FRIENDLY U.S brand 'Colourpop'. I've been wanting to order from this brand since I've first heard about it last year however I've always been so hesitant to order from America because 1) I'm too impatient and 2) I HATE PAYING CUSTOM CHARGES - it's such a bloody ball ache, especially when you order enough to qualify for free International delivery and then you get that sting a few weeks later...draining. However, because I spent over a certain amount, I got x4 FREE MINI LIQUID LIPSTICKS woo!

 Now my first impressions of this brand is AMAZING! If you don't know about Colourpop then I suggest you do because the customs charge was definitely worth it and it took approx 10 days for me to receive my items from the US. I did have a slight splurge but the prices for each item are dead cheap - the eyeshadows were $5 and the liquid lipsticks were about $6. (I did order a highlighter too which was $8 however that didn't turn up - which was my only downfall about Colourpop. Especially because its too much agg to complain and get another one sent in the post!)

 I'll start off with the eyeshadows. The pots of eyeshadows are called the 'Super Shock Shadows'. I literally grabbed a few that appealed to me, mostly metallics although the choice that was provided on the website was huge. I cannot express to you how much these are super creamy and pigmented and for only $5 each thats amazing!! The texture of these shadows are like a mixture of cream and powder and I have found work best to apply using your finger then use the brush to give it a slight blend out. Also, they don't budge which is a bonus. 
Next we have the pressed eyeshadows. I specifically chose these x5 colours as they reminded me of the shadows in 'Kylies Diary' that Kylie Jenner released for the Valentines Collection and unfortunately I couldn't get my hands on that so I was super pleased when Colourpop released these colours in February. As you can see from the swatches below, they're not as pigmented as the super shock shadows but as you apply with your eyeshadow brush they are definitely buildable and blend really nicely - even the metallic colours!
 Now, the lipsticks....

These are the full sized lipsticks that I purchased which range from $6 for 0.11oz of product, and as you can see I bought a lot of pinky nudes as they're the ones that I lacked at home. 

I'm hesitant when it comes to liquid lipsticks due to them going gunky/crusty after a few hours however I can honestly tell you that these are a DREAM! I found with these that they're a rich creamy formula but they're smooth when they dry however they're thin so it feels like my lips aren't going to drop to the floor due to a heavy lipstick. These are also long wearing, for example, I put it on about 8am and then didn't budge until after lunch time BEARING IN MIND that I also ate breakfast in that time - for me, that's quite the achievement.

From left to right;

This brown smudge was the Pitch Lippie Stix (here). This was the only disappointment for me out of all the lipsticks. It's like a rich chocolate brown pencil that is meant to be a matte finish however it didn't really transfer properly and took a few layers for me to apply. Maybe it's because it's like a pencil rather than a lipstick perhaps?

However the rest are....

Prim Satin Lip (Freebie)

All in all, I really do rate Colourpop and I have already planned my next order. Perhaps I should find someone else to order so we can share the custom charges. Have you purchased from this brand before? Do you rate it? Feel free to let me know your thoughts or recommendations....

Thank you for reading, Chels xo

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