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Did someone say a Too Faced Sale?!

Just after Christmas, Too Faced launched a Sale on their website and since I've been obsessing over the brand I thought it would be rude not to. It wasn't until after I had placed my order I then realised that even though these two items were half price on the site, I didn't actually save any money because of the customs fee and delivery charge made up the difference but it did make me feel a lot better knowing that at the time, these items were sold out in Debenhams.....
I managed to bag myself the White Chocolate Bar palette for £24.50 and the Under the Kissletoe Lipstick set for £10 - that sounds cheap as chips right? Well I then had to pay £15.95 for shipping and £8.50 for customs (which Too faced calculate for you so you have no unexpected hidden charges coming your way).

White Chocolate Bar Palette

This palette is in complete contrast to the previous chocolate palette I blogged about (here) and in fact it has more pastel colours which I was drawn to (Lavender Cake and Frosted Apricot to be precise) however for the first time on my blog, I have to say I'm pretty disappointed... WHAT! Usually I've been quite fortunate in being able to blog about products I love and I'm not saying I'm going to sit here and slate this palette because there are a few things about it that I still enjoy however overall it's just not as of the same quality as Chocolate Gold, maybe that's why Chocolate Gold is amazing because it was released after this one and they've upped their game since?

This palette comes with a sturdy clam shut case, a very good mirror inside and x16 cocoa infused shades that are a combination of mattes and shimmers. Let me tell you, this product does indeed still smell like a beautiful chocolate bar which I absolutely love as it's a very distinctive quality of Too Faced. Now don't get me wrong, although the pigment isn't quite there compared to some of their other palettes, majority of the shades still work relatively well together as they blend nicely and are easily buildable. The only shade I had problem with was Mint Chocolate as it just kept blending into like a brown, I couldn't keep the green in tact. You have quite a few transition shades in this palette which I think I would just use for, but I do also love the pinky shimmers - still, the shimmers aren't as pigmented so I would recommend using your finger. The matte shades Cake Batter and Lavender Cake were probably the most pigmented pans out of the whole palette because they were so easy to apply and build up the intensity although it does provide some fall out. Overall, I'm glad that I got this product on sale as I think I would be pretty pissed if I had bought it at RRP. But don't worry, I do believe Too Faced have redeemed themselves with their other products. 

(Ive used this palette a couple of times now and I am drawn to some of the colours but as you can see, you can make this palette work it just involves a bit more blending to build up the colour payoff)

Under the Kissletoe Lipstick Set:

I was so excited to get my hands on this set as I had my eye on it for quite some time and the fact it was only £10 made it an absolute bargain. In this set you get x4 lipsticks/lipglosses that are each in a different finish:

  • Melted Matte in Drop Dead Red 4ml
  • Melted Latex in Hopeless Romantic 4ml
  • Melted Lipsticks in shades Chihuahua 4ml
  • Melted Matte in Chocolate Honey 4ml
You get 4ml worth of product instead of the standard 7ml however they don't seem as miniature as previous lipsticks I own so I would say that they are a nice size. Chocolate Honey and Chihuahua have a soft sponge like applicator at the end of the tube whereas Hopeless Romantic and Drop Dead Red has a pull out angled applicator that doesn't leave a gloopy mess. I really like the formulas and the colours on each of these and it's definitely made me want more of them! I love how glossy Hopeless Romantic although I must admit it's a little stick however it is very very pigmented! The other lipsticks dries down to a really comfortable matte finish which do last quite some time without topping up. I'm so glad I purchased these!

Now because I ordered over a certain amount, I also received a sample size Too Faced Hangover Spray and also a sample of the glitter glue which I've heard nothing but good things! Well I hope you liked my haul, let me know if you have any Too Faced recommendations worth trying. Thank you for reading, 

                                                                                      Chelsea xo

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