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Favourite Highlighters under £10

February 22, 2018

It's not hard these days to come across great products that are within budget, I mean I do love a splurge however these days I'm struggling to justify spending a huge amount on one product when I can spend roughly the same for a whole bunch that aren't far off in terms of quality. That's why I have put together just a few of my favourite highlighters that are easily accessible and that are all under a tenner...bargain!

I'm going to start off with my two favourite palettes and if you've read my previous blogposts then you'd recognise these babies. The Sleek Solstice palette was actually one of the very first comparisons that I uploaded but I compared to the ABH Aurora Kit (I dont know why as the shades are completely different haha) but I was basically comparing in terms of quality - that was nearly a year ago and I'm still loving the same product. This retails for only £9.99 hereand although it's the most expensive in this post, it's definitely a lot cheaper than others on the market. I love the colour range, it lasts all day and this baby glows. I've also featured the PS Pure Glow Highlighting Palette from Primark as it speaks for itself. The pans in the palette are literally HUGE and I am in love with the first shade Desert as it's a gorgeous icy white with a buttery texture AND I think it was only a fiver!!

Last but not least, the liquid highlighters! I went through a phase of loving these so I purchased a fair few and then forgot about them but I've rekindled my love for them recently as they help give you such a natural glow. I love wearing these over my foundation but under my powder, they both blend out super nice and the shade range is every growing at the moment. The MUR revolution one is in Starlight and is only £6 here and the Barry M one is Moon Potion which is £6.99 here.

All in all, I would say there are some great picks there to choose from and the fact they're all cheap as chips makes it that little bit easier to justify purchasing! If you have any recommendations that I should try then let me know but other than that, thank you for reading.
                                                                    Chelsea xo

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