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Favourite Lipsticks for Autumn

I literally live for Autumn. I would say, hands down, it's my favourite season of the year. I mean whats' not to love? It's the build up to Halloween and Christmas (YAY), you get to hear the crunch sound when you stand on a freshly fallen leaf, extremely cosy knitwear and of course darker colours are back in. If I could have this all year round, I'd be one extremely happy girly. I'm talking burgundies, chocolate browns and deep purples - I love that shit.

I've had this in my lipstick drawer untouched for a few months, in fact I actually forgot I had it....soz Jeffree hun... but when I was scouring through my drawer a few weeks ago I rediscovered my love for this. This matte shade is the perfect Burgundy colour as despite being the darker of the reds, it's also quite vibrant on your lips - like blood. I would definitely say that his range are very comfortable to wear throughout the day and the smell of the lipstick itself is divine.

This mini lippy was out of the 'brown edition' quad - which by the way are all really good shades for Autumn. You can't beat a good brown lipstick to switch up your outfit. This is a one dark but pigmented shade - it's a very rich chocolate brown that after taking roughly about a minute to dry, it's really lightweight on your lips. So easy to wear throughout the day without your lips feeling like they're going to shrivel up, I personally can't get over how nice and thin this feels. Also, another one that smells great AND the fact it's a mini, well, it's just bloody cute isn't it.

I received this one from the Holiday collection Mini set that Kylie Jenner released last year although she does also sell it full size as part of her lip kit range. This is probably one of my favourite shades from her set as it's a rich plum brown. The formula is slightly similar to the HUDA Beauty one that I've just mentioned in terms of it being long lasting yet very lightweight on your lips. It's a very pigmented lipstick yet it doesn't cause the 'bleeding' around the lips - which I tend to hate in a lippy.

I decided to chuck in a nude because you may not want to wear a dark lipstick errrryday and this one is so creamy and is only a fraction of the price compared to the others. It's a lovely soft, brown nude that literally goes with any type of make up you fancy wearing. It's not a matte finish as like I said it's quite creamy therefore it can slip n slide from time to time but for only £6 you can't really complain. 

I actually received this in a free VoxBox with the rest of the shades and I was so grateful. These lipsticks are literally so pigmented and due to the shape of the applicator, they're very easy to apply. This shade is also a rich brown but with red undertones - it's slightly similar to the Jeffrey Star Unicorn Blood that I've mentioned however it's minimal price in comparison and has a slightly different finish. When you apply, it feels like a satin lipstick but when it dries it does dry into an intense Matte.

As you can see from it losing it's shape, this used to be my all time favourite Autumn/Winter lipstick. This cool tone purple is the perfect 'vampy' shade which obviously means it's ideal for the upcoming months. I absolutely adore this shade as it's definitely a statement lip however it does bleed a little but it's nothing a little top up and a poof of ya powder can't fix!

(L-R = Cyber, Unicorn Blood, Brunette, Vixen, Love Bite and Boho Nude) 

So, although these are my current favourites going into the colder months, I am looking for new ones to add to the collection so if you have any recommendations for long lasting yet hydrating 'vampy' lipstick then feel free to let me know.

Thank you for reading xo

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