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Garnier Skinactive Range = LOVE

Now I'm not going to lie to you because we are all friends here, however... I'm quite the beginner when it comes to skincare. I say I've only really been looking after my face properly for the past year (if that) and I used to be one of those girls that rarely ever used to take their make up off before bed. Woah, shocking.. I know. I wouldn't dare go back to that girl, I swear I'm a new woman now, promise.
       If you've read my previous blog posts then you'd know that my skin gets quite dry and now we are approaching the colder months and the foundation is back in full swing, I am trying to up the levels of hydration in my face and skincare in general. However,  my blog is called that skint gal for a reason and that is because I tend to spend too much money on make up and not for everything else in life, like my skin which is why I've grown to love the Garner SkinActive range = it's bloody good affordable products that my skin LOVE.

Garnier SkinActive Oil Infused Miceller Cleansing Water - This gentle cleanser is an easy way to remove any make up, impurities and dirt from your face leaving it nourished. It's ideal for my dry skin as so far it's the only micellar water that I've found that has oils in it meaning that my skin won't dry out after use and it just feels hydrated. I literally live for this product and to make matters better, I've only just purchased my second 400ml bottle because the previous one lasted me 6 months,  so it's definitely worth those pennies. 

Garnier SkinActive Oil Infused Cleansing Wipes - I know wipes aren't meant to be good for your face so I do usually ditch them however it's hard to carry round the 400ml bottle and cotton pads with you if you travel etc so I've found these wipes to do just the job. It's still part of the oil infused range and it does feel just as gentle as the micellar water. These will be the only wipes that I use and they leave my skin feeling so refreshed after using them. Personally I thought that they are pricey for wipes however I definitely recommend if your skin is like mine and you need something for on the go.

Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Gel Wash (Grape Extract) - Unfortunately, I've yet to come across this wash in the oil infused range however it hasn't stopped me from using it. This is ideal for combination and sensitive skin as it removes make up, cleanses but also mattifies skin. Now, I know I have dry skin in most places but sometimes my forehead and chin can get a bit oily, this definitely contributes into helping that before make up application. I tend to use this in the shower every morning and most nights before my skin routine. It also smells so nice and refreshing.

Garnier SkinActive Super Hydrating. Revitalising Tissue Mask - This sheet mask is FULL of serum, it has so much in it that I tend to rub it all down my neck, arms and wherever else that needs some hydration. One of the best drugstore masks I've tried as it instantly rehydrates skin which apparently reduces the look of fine lines and revives radiance. I love using products that have hyaluronic acid in it as it makes my skin feel tighter and plumped. The only downside of this, so far, is that the sheet is waaaay too big for my head so for those 15 long ass minutes I have to keep dead still or it'll slide down my face and I'd suffocate in it haha. 

I'm making my way through the skin active products however I'm always keen to try other drugstore skincare so any recommendations, pass them to me! Thank you as always for reading and until next time xo

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