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Huda Beauty Warm Obsessions Palette; Review + Swatches

Huda is literally on a roll at the moment, isn't she?! First the Faux Filter foundation then the stunning winter solstice collection and now she has released x4 mini obsessions palettes and my god, it was a struggle to choose what one to purchase. Did I need another warm palette? Probably not but I don't actually own any Huda eyeshadows yet as her palettes are quite pricey so when she released these, I knew I HAD to purchase one.

First of all,  I love this condensed compact! It has a magnetic flip up lid with a mirror inside of it making it dead easy for you to pop into your handbag and take on your travels. Don't be fooled by it's size though as it features nine shadows that are still the same size as her previous best-selling products. Each of these palettes contain a theme and this warm brown one contains nine mattes and only one shimmer; ideally I would've preferred another shimmer, perhaps a lighter one for that inner corner highlight but a part from that, this palette can easily complete a whole variety of looks without needing to reach for another product. I don't know about you but I LOVE warm palettes, if you've read my previous blogposts then you'd see that a lot of the eyeshadows that I buy are more towards the orange/copper/brown end of the spectrum as it's where I'm more comfortable at. These colours really suit my skin tone and eye colour, making them pop!

I love the formula of the shimmer shade, it's really buttery and it was that pigmented I didn't need to wet my brush as much when applying  - that swatch was just with one swipe of the finger btw....the mattes are good too however I found them to be quite powdery especially the darker shades, reminded me a little of the ABH Subculture if I'm honest. It had fall out within the pan but lucky enough it didn't have a lot of fall out when applying. The swatches of the matte shades doesn't really do them justice because despite the powdery consistency, when you pop those colours on your lid they're just so easy to blend and a little really does go a long way.

Overall, I do like this palette but I don't love it. I really want to try the other ones including the Mauve and Smokey as they have more shimmers and the shimmers are what makes the palette due to their formulas. However the other advantage is the compact size making it so easy to travel with as previously mentioned. I probably didn't need to spend that extra £25 that I did on this palette but do I regret it? No... it has just made me want to try more of Huda's shadows and add to my ongoing collection.

Have you purchased any of these obsession palettes? Which ones are your favourite? Thank you for ready, 

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