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Iconic London Brow Cushion Review

Now we are solidly into the new year, I can't forget about one of the most talked about launches in the make up industry that occurred in 2017 - the tool that is claiming to change 'the brow game' for us all and to be fair, have you seen a brow cushion before? Because I certainly haven't and I finally have my hands on it. See, I'm not great at doing my brows (I'll be the first to admit that) however I'm slowly getting there which is why I usually would stick to my trusted FREEDOM pomade but one thing I bloody hate with pomades is when they start to dry out so I was thankful to Iconic London for bringing out a liquid based product. I picked up the Medium shade as I prefer a slightly darker brow on myself however it comes in either a Light, Medium or Dark and each compact has two shades inside, which retails for £26.99 here.

First things first, this stunning product is bought to you in a luxury feeling rose gold compact that is very lightweight yet sturdy but inside features a mirror, a duo ended tool with the best spoolie ever and your cushion that is covered thankfully with a lid. So, this brow cushion-like dispensing system allows your brush to become fully saturated in each of the rich, pigmented colours that are meant to be both smudge-proof and sweat resistant to ensure long-lasting, gradual eyebrows. These cushions contains Vitamin E renowned to help stimulate the growth of your natural brows, alongside a unique vegan-friendly formula. The thin angled brush is also meant to create hair like strokes and offers you great precision. 

You're advised to use the lighter shade at the top of the brow and then work your way down the tail using the darker to give your brows a more three dimensional look whilst creating those hair like strokes to make them more natural. I love a darker, precised brow which I believe you can really accomplish with this product as the formula doesn't dry down too quick allowing you to move it around slightly to get the right shape for you. After trying this on many occasions, I can confirm that it is also long lasting and doesn't smudge throughout the day, I didn't even fix with brow gel and it done me well. 

Overall, I absolutely LOVE this product. I do really think it's a massive game changer especially for me, it does take a moment to get used to it when you first start applying and in all honesty I prefer using my normal ABH angled brush as I feel the actual brush that it comes with is too long making the 'hair strokes' well too long for my brow but other than that I thoroughly enjoy using it and it is a new staple in my make up bag. Feel free to let me know your thoughts on this product but other than that, thank you for reading!

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