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It was my birthdayyyy...

Hey, welcome back to my blog! I feel like I'm going to welcome you on every blog post now...

But if you didn't know, it was my birthday a few days ago and what better excuse to splash the cash, and that I did! Well in my eyes, I needed a treat (or 10) and I thought I would share a couple of my favourite things I either received for my birthday or bought myself. I'll link a lot of the products below too because they are just wonderful!!

 Of course some of my favourite gifts would involve make up as I'm literally obsessed at the moment... unsure why as I'm not even great at it! However there is no better feeling then buying fresh make up. I also thought I would share my lovely Olivia Burton Watch and Pandora ring that my boyfriend bought me (thanks Ginge).

*Can you spot the NARS Cocabana illuminator and the NYX illuminator - keep your eyes peeled for another high end v high street comparison review and swatch.*

 Now I've been saying since I've discovered it that I wanted the Benefit Cheek Parade Pallet as who doesn't want to add more bronzers and blushers to their collection eh. The only thing that was holding me back was the price tag as of course, we are skint! However, I justified it to myself and considering it was my birthday I thought why not!

Included in this palette is Hoola, Hoola Lite (which I wanted to get my hands on as I'm quite fair), GALifornia Blush, Dandelion and Rockateure - x5 compacts for £49.50 which isn't too bad considering each compact alone is twenty odd quid anyway totalling £122 worth of lusciousness for less than half price > thats how I talk myself into buying things. Also, I've seen everyone rave on about the GALifornia Blush so you may aswell spend an extra 25 quid and get the set. As you can see, a brush is also included which is quite thick yay! Buy here.

 The Jeffree Star Adrogny Palette though?!?! How beautiful are the colours!!

Now I don't want to go into too much detail with this as I do want to do a separate blog post with a full review and swatches soon but I was just so excited to receive this aswell as x2 of his lipsticks - Adrogyny and Unicorn Blood. As you can see, I tested them on my hand and it bloody stained (which is a good sign)...Buy here.

 Now I can't forget my new camera now can I!!! Finally got one. It's not the best of the bunch but for a beginner like me, I think it'll do just fine. Also, let me know how cute and dinky it is. Didn't expect it to be that small and cute, even more of a reason to buy it. 20MP and 42x Optical Zoom WHY THE HELL NOT AY. So hopefully I can learn to take good pics for you and make this blog a whole lotttttta interesting. Buy here.

Oh, just before I say night. Can we take a moment to appreciate my birthday cake please? How amazing does it look. This cost £35 and it feeds up to x18 people. The inside is like a fluffy, creamy vanilla sponge and then the outside is literally magical. AS you can see, I requested Terrys Chocolate Orange segments, Kinder and biscuits cos they're literally my all time favourites and I think that was the best thing about my birthday.... Follow Lauren Bakes (here) and put in an order cos you won't regret it!
 So I'm off to We are Fstvl for bank holiday weekend and I'm excited to shake my toosh with the girls, have any of you got plans for bank holiday? Let me know if you make any of the above purchases! I'll be uploading more blog posts soon with swatches, comparisons and hopefully some dupes for you :)

Love Chelsea xox

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