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Jouer Best of Lip Toppers Collection

How cute is this set? I can't help but want to (need to) collect all miniature products as they are just so adorable. If you saw a recent blogpost of mine then you would've seen that I featured this set in my Christmas Gift Guide and after purchasing for myself, I can confirm that these would be a fab present to someone, which you can buy for only £29 (here) which is of good value considering each full size product is £13.

I've not actually tried anything from the brand Jouer yet but I've been meaning to buy a full size lip topper for a while now however I could just never decide on the shade....WELL THANK YOU JOUER for releasing a collection of the favourite ones (and including two brand new exclusive shades) which has made my life so much easier. In this set, you get seven deluxe minis (2ml to be exact) which have been created with a formula with such ingredients like jojoba seed and coconut oils to condition, alongside vitamin E to protect those luscious lips. I cannot fault these products. I am LIVING for them... first of all they smell absolutely fab, they're non-sticky which is something I really look out for when buying a gloss type lip product as there is nothing worse than walking down the road with your hair constantly getting stuck to your lips and they are very sparkly which of course is why I featured them in my gift guide because if Decembers not the perfect time to have sparkly lips, well when is eh?

(Left to right - Stardust, Sugar Plum, Frost Bite, Rose Gold, St Tropez, Tan Lines, Skinny Dip)
 Bottom swatches are in direct sunlight:
Skinny Dip - Metallic shimmering golden nude - this is a very popular shade
Tan Lines - Metallic shimmering bronze
St Tropez - Metallic shimmering champagne 
Rose Gold - Metallic shimmering rose gold
Frost Bite - Metallic shimmering snowy pearl
Sugar Plum (New shade) - Shimmering wine with golden fleck
Stardust (New shade) - Metallic shimmering golden coral

Remember that these are LIP TOPPERS, although they do have pigment in them they are also quite sheer at the same time. They are best applied over the top of a matte lipstick however I personally have been wearing them with a lipliner and use them as a lip gloss because my lips are quite dry at the moment with it being bitter weather therefore I've been trying to not wear a matte liquid lipstick as often as usual so these have literally been perfect for me when I want to apply something to my lips that I know will not dry them out.

I have seen that Jouer have released a new full size shade called Funfetti, which I'm dying to try! Have you got any Jouer lip toppers? What is your favourite shade? Thank you for reading, 

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