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Juvias Place - The Magic Palette; Review + Swatches

I personally think that there isn't enough hype over Juvias Place. If you didn't know them, they are an American brand that provide rich, intense pigment reflecting different areas of the world - like the Caribbean or Saharan desert for example. I've been aw'ing over these products since the minute I saw NikkiTutorials rave about them in one of her youtube videos so now (thank the lord) Beautybay have taken it upon themselves to stock this amazing brand, I thought why not treat myself to 'The Magic' Palette...

The magic palette was inspired by the moon and the sun goddesses of the wilds and this features 16 very generous sized pans mixed with x6 Mattes and x10 of the most vibrant shimmers I have ever come across. The top two rows represent daytime and the bottom two rows represent night, however you can obviously combine and create such versatile looks and it even contains a neutral base shade (Kesi) and a good transition shade (Nana). The shimmers are the ones that sold it for me, they are so buttery and pigmented with just one swipe - even without a damp brush (as seen below!). They have more of a foiled finish and some of them contain a duo chrome effect (Faso) which is b e a dutiful.
The mattes however are a little hit and miss, the two bottom darker shades are a little patchy and require a bit more work in the blending but don't mistake that for them being any less pigmented as they're not! 

The palette contains:
  • Nubia – Metallic yellow gold. 
  • Zakiya – Matte orange toned red. 
  • Osun – Pale metallic pink. 
  • Kesi – Matte beige. 
  • Zuba – Metallic medium pink. 
  • Nana –Matte orange toned brown. 
  • Boronu – Metallic bronze gold. 
  • Kogi – Matte red. 
  • Faso – Duochrome lilac. (Favourite)
  • Aja – Metallic khaki green. 
  • Vai – Metallic dark grey. 
  • Yemoja – Light metallic grey. 
  • Ife – Deep matte purple. 
  • Yara – Metallic turquoise. 
  • Buzo – Metallic green. (Another fave) 
  • Yejide – Matte navy.
and what is better than all these colours? The fact that this giant palette only costs £30 (here) - bloody bargain I say!
Here I used: Nana in my crease, Zakiya to darken my crease, Ife to darken the outer corner of my eye and then cut out the inner half of my eye with concealer before I went in with Faso on the lid and blended out more with Ife. I then used Kogi and Ife for my lower lash line with a touch of Faso on the bottom inner corner.

Overall, I'm really happy with my purchase. The shadows blended out real nicely and even though the mattes don't swatch as good, they are really buildable and smooth. I'm looking forward to purchasing more from this brand as I highly recommend. Only downfall is the fact that the palette doesn't involve a mirror however it is so big and chunky that it would probably add more to the cost - which we don't want aha.

Have you purchased from this brand? Do you recommend another palette from them that I should get or review? Thank you for reading, 

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