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Laura Lee Los Angeles Cat's Panamas Palette; Review + Swatches

February 11, 2018

Did anyone else pick up this palette when it was half price on Beauty Bay?? So, it was reduced from £35 to only £17.50 so of course, I couldn't refuse that offer! If I'm honest, this palette never really caught my eye before the sale as I couldn't justify spending the full price tag on a palette that I didn't see that much hype over, or was that just me? 

First of all, can we start by appreciating the packaging? I mean, come on it looks amazing! Probably the prettiest packaging for a make up palette that I own or have come across as of yet. You would think that because of how glittery the silver coating is that it would be rough to touch but fortunately it's glossed (is that the right terminology?) making it very smooth and sleek. Soon as you open the palette, the pink floral decoration really stands out and reveals a mirror and a mixture of Matte and Shimmer eyeshadows within ten regular sized pans. 

  • Okie Dokie – Matte off white.
  • Scatter Brain – Pale gold shimmer.
  • Bomb Diggity – Matte caramel.
  • Cray Cray – Matte deep burnt orange
  • Redonkulus – Copper Shimmer.
  • Quirky – Shimmering deep purple. 
  • Kooky – Matte amaranth.
  • In One Ear – Shimmering burgundy.
  • Out The Other – Shimmering plum.
  • Odd Ball – Shimmering black.
Although you may think the shadow selection is quite limited as yes you do have a very pale colour but the colours that you would think to use as perhaps a transition shade (i.e Bomb Diggity and Cray Cray) are slightly darker than what they seem to be in the pan but don't be alarmed as it's just that this girl is pigmented. The mattes in this palette are literally perfect as although they provide a bit of kickback, they don't feel chalky nor did I get any fall out on my face - like none whatsoever. The shimmer shades are also so easy to use but I think that is standard with most palettes these days are they are easier to make pigmented which is why my sample eye look below I decided to test out just the mattes and they literally blended out like a dream. Each shade was effortless to blend and the colours packed on real nicely - I must admit, I'm unsure as to why I waited so long to purchase! 

(Okie Dokey, Bomb Diggity, Cray Cray and Odd Ball)

Overall, I think this palette is PERFECT for Valentines whether you are going on a date or even if you are chilling with your friends - you can create various looks to suit any occasion and I personally am LOVING berry toned eyeshadows at the moment that's for sure. In my opinion, I am living for the formulas of these shades and I'm going to throw it out there.... the shades in this palette probably hold the best formulas for the matte pans that I've come across. I just can't get over how effortless and seamless it felt for a beginner like me so I would definitely recommend this palette girls and boys! 

Is anyone doing much for Valentines? Will we be dressing up or down? I'll be sitting at home eating my life away in chocolates until the following Saturday when my boyfriend eventually comes down so we shall be having a delayed one this year! Hope you all have a lovely day no matter what your relationship status is and thanks for reading...
                                                                 Love Chelsea xo

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