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Maybelline Master Holographic Prismatic Highlighter; Review + Swatches

I've seen mixed reviews on these Maybelline highlighters - mostly good - however most of them I've seen recently are based on the bronze chrome shades and they are way too dark for me so I was happy to see that they did an alternative for us pale skin gals. The shade I picked up was the Holographic Variant in Opal, it has a really pretty white base with silver and lilac glitter reflects making it look three dimensional and I got it for £7.99 here

When I first swatched this highlighter, it came with quite a bit of kickback in the pan and although it looks relatively chalky and powdery, it felt really soft and easy to apply. Usually swatches with your fingers tend to pick up more pigment which is quite deceiving as most people use brushes to apply but this is the first highlighter that actually picked up a lot more by using a brush rather than a finger (see swatch below) - I would definitely recommend using a damp brush though to intensify.

Once applied, the white base seemed to had blended out which is annoying as I love a icy white highlighter and you don't get many on the market however it did leave behind a lilac sheer that you can build up really easily which justifies it. This would also work well as a highlight topper making it more dimensional than what it already is, I can see myself doing that quite often as I love a blinding highlight. I've seen a lot of people comment about the longevity of this product and to be fair, it doesn't last ALL day but then again I haven't come across many products that do. For me, I think that this product lasted at least four hours until I had touched it up so that's not too bad for a highlighter under ten pounds! It definitely reminds me of the Topshop Highlighters that I reviewed a few months ago in the shade Sea Witch due to the lilac hues it contains. 
Overall it is a really pretty highlighter once I've built it up to the intensity that I prefer but then again I do think that there are alternatives of the same standard or even better in the drugstore market that are probably cheaper too! What do you think? Do you have any cheaper alternatives that are frosty white or even holographic? Thank you for reading, 
                                                      Love Chelsea xo

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