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Morphe 35O2 Palette; Review + Swatches

So, I finally got my hands on it!!  A very sought after palette that as soon as it hit the UK, it kept going out of bloody stock but I managed to snag one from BeautyBay however it is now sold out again....keep an eye out though as they do go in and out really quickly and as this only retails for £23 (BARGAIN, EH?!) you must get your hands on it. 

Swatches/First Impressions
(Left -Right: Pure,Sizzle, Amber, Bronzie, Heat, Ablaze, Sauce, Fire & Ruby)
(L-R: Zodiac, Polished, Spice, Terracotta, Rustic, Zippy, Risky, Halo, Rich, Brunette, Whiz)

As you can see from above, I didn't swatch EVERY shade as my arm would probably be red raw but I did swatch my favourite shades from the palette, which is near enough most of them, and my first impressions - loving it. Most of the shades above are with one swipe of the finger and let me tell you, this girl is pigmented. The foiled shadows are of course what stands out the most but even the mattes are not chalky and have proven to be very blendable. The shades that I was really drawn to were Sauce, Fire & Ruby. Now everyone is probably thinking, do I need another warm palette in my life and my answer is YES. Those three shades that I said I'm drawn to, I don't think I actually own any other product with reds like those and they are very vibrant - perfect for the Christmas season and now I've heard it's hard to make a perfect red but girrrrllll, Morphe just done it for me.

When I first saw the Morphe 35O2 Palette being released, I did compare it to the original one as at first glance I thought they were extremely similar but as more and more pictures were uploaded and videos of different looks that were produced all over Youtube, I realised instantly that their is a major difference which you can see above (top palette is my original 35Om and bottom is 35O2). It's quite lucky really that my first Morphe palette was the matte one because then it provides a bigger separation between the two palettes that I own. From looking at the two, the 35O2 palette holds a lot more vibrant shades, it has shimmers/foiled pans and the colours just look overall more intense. Apparently they have also changed the formula slightly which you can really tell because I feel as my 35OM isn't as pigmented, although it is buildable but you do have to put more work into the blending to get the desired intensity whereas the second palette - less work = more fun. 

Not going to lie, but I sooooo prefer the second palette. Don't you? I LOVE the colour range, the updated formula is a win win, the price of the palette is amazing for 35 large shades, I even love the revamp of the logo (as I haven't purchased anything from Morphe since they have done so). I mean, what more could you want out of a palette. Hats off to Morphe for sure. Also, this would be a great Christmas present for anyone who is building their make up collection or just simply loves a warm palette because this one does pack heat.

Thank you for reading and until next time xo

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