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MUR Liquid Highlighters; Review + Swatches

So, as soon as I saw this being released I bought them straight away. I mean, why wouldn't you buy a liquid highlighter for only £6... yes, £6 for a whole 18ml!!! And of course I bought x3 - Unicorn Elixir, Liquid Starlight & Liquid Champagne. Now when I first saw these drop on Instagram, the first thing that popped into my head was that they reminded me of the Iconic London illuminating drops, perhaps they are a dupe? I've never invested in the iconic London ones as I can't justify spending £30 on a bottle but when these were advertised for a fraction of the price, I thought why not?

Liquid Champagne - A stunning metallic champagne shade liquid highlighter drops"
Liquid Starlight -  "A beautiful reflective white pink liquid highlighter drops"
Unicorn Elixir - "A magical and beautiful reflective iridescent lilac Liquid highlighter drops"

First Applied (without Flash) above
(L-R - Liquid Champagne, Liquid Starlight and Unicorn Elixir) 
Photo with Flash below: 
Now due to the massive price difference compared to the more higher end liquid highlighters, I didn't have as high expectations but these came through. I was expecting them to have chunky glitter like the MUR powder highlighters however these don't, they blend beautifully and the metallic in the colours really make your skin pop. When first applying, I found that the lighter shades (Unicorn Elixir) were quite watery and not as pigmented as the darker shade (Champagne) however after blending it (with my fingers as I found the sponge absorbed it rather than transferring to my skin) the pigment of the iridescent purple really glowed but I found the other two to blend into quite a similar colour which was more of a pinky tone - I expected that from Starlight but I was hoping Champagne would be more of a gold like what it is when you first apply to your skin. 

Do I recommend? Yes...These are an absolute bargain and are so versatile - highlight certain areas of your face, mix them in with your foundation or even mix them into a body lotion and have your whole body radiant. Also, I have found that they are very long lasting too - bonus! So long lasting that I even struggled to wash it off, I'll be glowing forever. I can see myself grabbing for these a lot whilst doing my make up, ya never know I may even bathe in it!

Make Up Revolution came through again, changing the game by releasing great products at such an affordable price! Will you be purchasing? If so, purchase them from here or wait until they launch in Superdrug stores on 20/09/2017.

Thank you for reading xo

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