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MUR Reloaded Palettes; Review + Swatches

You've probably already seen these Make Up Rev Reloaded palettes all over your timeline however I HAD to contribute - these palettes got me shook. What's better than insane drugstore palettes? Their price tag as these babies are only £4 each! I believe they have four different palettes in this range however I picked up the Iconic Division (on the left) and Newtrals 2 (the right) mainly because I wanted to do a comparison to some high end palettes that these remind me of. 

Yeah, so how much does the Iconic palette resemble the Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture then? I would say the shade range is EXACTLY the same, except one thing I prefer about the dupe is that the shade pans are bigger. They're obviously not AS pigmented as the ABH one but for a palette that is only four quid, that is expected but I would say that they are pretty close. Can you tell the difference in the shades above? Barely! The swatch of each shade on the left is from the ABH Palette and the right is the dupe from the MUR palette. Literally hardly any difference. After all the controversy that subculture bought to 2017, if you wanted to try it but didn't want to pay out due to the various of reviews then I would definitely suggest purchasing this MUR one - the shades are perfect for autumn/winter which lets face it, we all love! 

Some people compared the Newtrals Palette to ABH Modern Renaissance however I thought that the foiled shades were an EXACT dupe of the Huda Beauty Mauve Obsessions palette and as you can see above, I wasn't wrong. They are exactly the same AND the texture of the shades felt identical too. Only one of the matte shades I found was similar, the rest were pretty different as the MUR palette is more pink and warm toned whereas the Huda is obv Mauve/cool toned. 

Overall out of the two palettes I got, the Newtrals palette is my favourite. I'm a sucker for a palette with a fair few pretty foiled pans and I also felt that every pan was way more pigmented than the Iconic Division palette which is weird as they are from the same range? The shade range is ideal for having only one palette on the go too, I hate it when you have to dig out a whole bunch of palettes because they are missing shades that you would need to complete one eye look! Also, isn't it a good palette for those valentine looks??

                                                                           Thank you for reading, 
                                                                                             Chelsea xo

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