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New Colourpop Haul; Review + Swatches

How beautiful do these palettes look? The first one is the Polite AF Super Shock Shadows Set and the second one is the Golden State of Mind. My boyfriend actually purchased these in November alongside the Supernova Liquid Eyeshadows that I reviewed (here) but I weren't allowed the palettes until Christmas hence the late blogpost. The value of them I believe were an absolute bargain and there was a discount code for them which happens pretty regularly - Polite AF was $24 (approx £17.48) and the Golden State of Mind palette was $20.80 (approx £15.15) and not only were they cheap but they only took 11 days to be shipped all the way from the US which I think was roughly the same as my previous Colourpop order that I had blogged about (one of my first ever blogposts last year). People are always quite skeptical about ordering from America but I actually think Colourpop is a brand that is very reliable and don't seem to sting you on customs because the price of their products are so cheap and you tend to get free delivery on most offers or if you spend more than $50. 

The texture of these eyeshadow pots are something that is very unique and distinctive to Colourpop as it's a formula that you don't often get with other eyeshadows. The majority of this set involve shimmers however there is a matte shade (Drift) which you can buy all individually a part from the limited edition shade which I believe is Birthday Cake. I've been dying to try these shades as I've seen them before in other offers so I was excited when I saw them in this kit. The formulas are of a creme-shadow with only a slight cream consistancy but not too wet to touch however each pot is extremely bouncy and full of pigment. They claim to be a one swipe intensity, which I believe some colours are and they also say that they have zero fallout - which I do agree on! Believe it or not, they are so easy to apply but perfect to apply with the use of your finger which is standard for shimmers and they blend so evenly and nice.  Super shock shadows are definitely one of my favourite formulas.
They come in a little white pot with a lid rather than a pan because you have to continue to do the lid up tight or the shadows can dry out very easily - just to make you aware!

Stereo - Blackened Purple with Gold/Pink glitter
Deep Dive - Bronze with Pink/Purple glitter
Drift - Cranberry with a Satin finish
Birthday Cake - Soft pink with Gold/Silver glitter
Sequin - Rosey Penny Copper
Birthday Girl - Light Gold with Silver/Pink glitter

My favourite shades from this are Drift and Birthday Cake - they are just soooo beautiful.

I have a few of the coloupop single shades but I don't own one of their palettes yet especially any palette that consists of just shimmer shades - which means I obviously needed this, right? I was drawn to this palette because I think that the colours are not randomly selected but in fact they all compliment each other really well and considering that they are all shimmers I would definitely be able to wear a few shades within one look. They are all quite neutral colours, which is more suitable for me personally as I'm not that great at incorporating real bright colours in most of my day to day make up looks. The formula of these shadows are very pigmented however some of them (more of the lighter ones) consist of quite chunky glitter but as you go down the spectrum to the more darker shades it seems to change and is more of a fine glitter which I prefer on my eyes. Nonetheless that doesn't excuse the fact that I fell in love with each and every shade, especially some of the duochrome shadows that it features in this set. I can tell that this is going to be one of my go to pans when I want to vajazlle my eyes a bit and what a bargain it was!

Golden Egg: Pinky beige with Turquoise glitter
Pay the Piper: Icy Blue
GRLFRND: Pink with Violet glitter
Zero Clue: Vibrant warm Yellow
Watch Out: Golden Ivory with Pink glitter
Drizzle: Icy baby Pink
Uptight: Rose Gold
Can't Stop: Icy Champagne Ivory
Sparkler: Silvery Bronze
Unsupervised: Pink Champagne
Lust in Time: Medium cool Rose
Mind Tricks: Icy blackened Purple
Wing Woman: Red Brown with Green and Gold glitter
Heads or Tales: Icy Cranberry
Tinker Time: Blackened antique Gold with Blue glitter

Overall - I love Colourpop. The formulas, the variation of products they are now doing and the price is just outstanding compared to some of the higher end products that are around these days. What is the point for paying for something when you can get it at a fraction of the price for an equally as good product! I just wish Beautybay or Cultbeauty would take it over so we can get next day delivery as there are soooo many more products I want to get from this brand. What are your favourite Colourpop products?

                                                       Chelsea xo

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