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Urban Decay Naked Heat Pallete; Review + Swatches

Not going to lie, but Urban Decay have seriously bought the HEAT this summer (although summer is practically over)...
This was the first Urban Decay palette I've seen that I thought I must have immediately and after some clever marketing from Urban Decay with the amount of pre-releases they had, I finally got my hands on it but that was only after the official release here. I don't own any of the other Naked palettes however after having this one, I think I may have to invest in the collection. 

First off, the packaging for this gives off those retro 80s vibes with a super satisfying embossed logo. Opening the palette, you are greeted with a mirror, duo ended brush (which I'm not going to lie but I never rate a brush thats in the palette as they feel too synthetic) and 12 sizzling colours - 4 Shimmers and 8 Mattes. These are 12 brand new shades and they are of those warm hues full of bronzed orange to deep and dark purple - I must say, I couldn't fault these shades whatsoever.

This palette has everything I live for! When I first saw the swatches from Urban Decay themselves, it didn't look that pigmented which caused a bit of a speculation as most bloggers, after they received their PR Package, seemed to disagree however I can confirm that they are very pigmented, especially as you go down the pan to the dark matte colours. (I even struggled to wash the swatches off my arm!!) The shimmers aren't as vibrant when applying with a dry brush but no danger as applying with a finger or even dampening your brush really elaborates the colour and this mainly applies to the lighter shade of shimmers. Still beaut though.


I'd say that this, for the moment, is my now ride or die palette. These are the colours that I literally go to pretty much all the time as coppers, burnt orange, bronzes etc are literally my most fave as they really compliment green eyes. I don't reach for the purple tones as much but to be fair I haven't really done a heavy going out smokey eye yet which I will test out next time I'm grooving. Just goes to show that this palette is quite versatile as I have been using the lighter mattes and Lumbre as part of an everyday look as seen below but you can go from 0-100 in full glam by intensifying the colours as you work down the palette. All in all, I'm literally obsessed and would highly recommend!
What are your thoughts on the palette?

Thank you for reading xo

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