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PS...Beauty Chocolate Range

February 19, 2018

To me, Primark is seriously stepping up their game when it comes to make up and they're getting pretty popular for it. I know that because my local Primark has ventured out and added lots of new goodies which is one of the main reasons I go in there now. I love a good bargain don't I and these really remind me of the Too Faced Chocolate collection - THEY ALSO SMELL OF CHOCOLATE TOO! As soon as I saw this collection, I purchased the cheek palette and the highlighter although I wish I had picked up one of the chocolate lip kits as I've heard good things about them but anywho....

How cute is this Cheek Palette? It features one highlighter (Vanilla Cream), two bronzers (Chocolate Orange and Milk Chocolate) and one blusher (Strawberry Melt). I really like these shades, they are gorgeous! This palette was only £4 and it's actually alright yano. The highlighter pan is quite a sheer peachy shade that provides a nice, subtle glow. It's a little glittery but not too much that it's noticeably chunky. I would say that Chocolate Orange takes a little bit of work to pick up the pigment but Milk Chocolate was pretty easy and they both blend out real nice. The blush shade has a more red undertone which is probably a little too dark for me however when I have a nice tan, I can work with it. Overall, for £4 I would say it's definitely a good bargain product.

This chocolate scented highlighter was only £2.50 and usually I'm all about the primark highlighters however this product was a slight let down but then again it's only a couple of quid so what do I expect. It's really hard to pick up the pigment but after a good dabbing with a wet brush, we eventually glow! It reminds me of a strawberry shortcake because it has a really pretty pink colour with a gold reflect to it. I think this would work nicely as a eyeshadow topper as well as a highlight too.

Not too bad for only £6.50 in total and the fact that the products smell of chocolate is a nice little bonus touch! Well done primark, I'm excited to see what else they bring to the make up industry at such affordable prices. Did you pick anything up? Thank you for reading.
                                                              Love Chelsea xo

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