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Testing a FAD Diet

Sorry again for the absence… I’ve finally flown the nest and have moved out however it’s not completely by myself as it’s in a shared house however it’s definitely a start in the right direction! 
Now I thought I would do a slightly different blogpost to the normal beauty reviews and that’s provide you with a diet review as I’m unfortunately forever on them. Can’t remember a time that I’ve not tried to diet and failed miserably. This would be considered a quick fix as it’s only for x3 days which was perfect for me as it was right in time for Elrow at the Olympic Park. I’m fully aware that this diet was probably to get rid of my water weight rather than fat burning however I did go ham at the gym and it has reduced my appetite aswell. This diet was called ‘The Military Diet’….. 

Day 1: 
07:45 – Gym Session 
08:40 - Breakfast – x1 w/meal slice of toast / x2 teaspoons of peanut butter / ½ grapefruit / x1 black tea = First meal of the regime and all I can say is DRY. Not the biggest fan of peanut butter however after powering through the first few bites and the fact I was hungry after my workout, it was surprisingly okay. The same with the grapefruit and black tea. 
10.30am – Green Tea 
12pm - Lunch - x1 w/meal slice of toast / ½ cup of tuna (equivalent to x1 tin) / x1 black tea = Never had Tuna on toast before but I actually enjoyed it, if only it came as a tuna cheese melt though…. 
3pm – Green Tea 
6.30pm – Dinner – x1 small chicken breast / boiled green beans – I coated in salt and chilli flakes which was a life saver for the tastebuds! And yayyy now we are onto the soft scoop vanilla icecream (x1 cup) – can’t believe how many little calories is in x1 scoop (only 66) if I knew that I would’ve made it a permanent thing aha, 1 banana and 1 apple - satisfying however belly was making weird noises but I just drowned my sorrows in water which curbed the hunger. 
Overall = to be fair I think this is the most you eat for the next three days and it wasn’t actually that bad, just goes to show that I don’t need to snack as much throughout the day. 

Day 2: 
07:45 - Gym Session 
08:40 - Breakfast – x1 w/meal slice of toast, 1 boiled egg and ½ banana = nice breakfast I can deal with that, it helps to have a little bit of carb after my gym workout even if it is only x1 slice… however half hour after breakfast I’m getting really hungry. 
10.30am - Green tea 
12pm - Lunch – x5 saltine crackers / meant to be cottage cheese however that makes me feel sick so I substituted for x3 extra light laughing cow cheese triangles / x1 boiled egg
3pm – Green Tea 
6pm - Dinner – x2 frankfurters / ½ cup of baby carrots / 1 cup of broccoli / ½ cup of vanilla ice cream / ½ banana = to say I was excited for this dinner was an understatement, it wasn’t actually a nice amount of food however I could easily devour a whole tin of hotdogs. Don’t really understand the concept as to why you have frankfurters because surely they’re full of fat but who’s complaining….

Day 3: 
07:45 – Gym Session 
08:40 - Breakfast – x5 saltine crackers / x1 apple / x1 slice of cheese – this was actually really nice, just reminded me of a Ploughmans which is an all time favourite. 
10.30am – okay I didn’t have a green tea I hold my hands up and I slightly broke the regime however I only had a slimming world hifi bar although that’s only x71 calories so I was still way under my normal daily amount 
12pm - Lunch – x1 boiled egg / x1 w/meal toast = I’m really struggling at this point, this just isn’t enough food right now and everyone is calling me aggy at work = I’m hangry 
6pm - Dinner – x1 cup of tuna / banana / x1 cup of vanilla ice cream – having to drink copious amounts of water and green tea to attempt to fill me up as this day was definitely the hardest. Luckily I had lots to do that evening to try and take my mind off the my stomach shouting at me to feed it… 
Aftermath, lost 5 pounds woop woop – that is by this diet and also working hard at the gym each morning. To think that I wasn’t eating massive amounts, I didn’t really lack in energy however day 3 due to eating barely anything I was moody as hell. Slightly confused however on the diet plan it says that each day is over 1000-1100 calories however I was also keeping track of the calories via the app FitnessPal and day 1 for example was only approx. 750 calories.. 
Do I recommend? Not entirely as a long term solution but if you’re feeling slightly bloated and you’ve got something coming up then definitely!

Thank you for reading xo

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