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The Ordinary Foundation Review

I finally got round to purchasing The Ordinary Foundations as well as a little something something for my skin after seeing them pop up on BeautyBay. I got The Ordinary Coverage Foundation in Very Fair 1.0N at £5.95, The Ordinary Serum Foundation in Fair 1.1N at £5.75 and The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension 23% + HA Spheres 2% at £5 - what a bargain!! Now you know me, I love a cheap deal and well all three items for less than £20 is a blood great deal to me. Both foundations come in a 30ml plastic bottle with a black pump and both of them have SPF15 in them cos you know we all want to protect our skin. 

If you're new to this brand then just know that they're making some serious impact within the skincare industry at the moment as they have been providing amazing products at such budget value but when they launched these two foundations last year, the blogging world went cray and it was always sold out so I'm glad to see that they are regularly in stock now. I decided to pick up both variations of the foundation because I do usually go for a more of a full coverage however I've heard such good things about the Serum one...

This product claims to be a lightweight but full coverage foundation that is suitable for ALL skin tones and has a cream like texture that smooths seamlessly over skin to conceal and disguise fine lines and wrinkles. It is available in 21 shades that are separated into different categories that make it easier for you to find your shade. I just done a typical guess as I am very pale without tan on and it was the perfect match for me (unfortunately, I wish I was a tanned goddess ffs). 
       First impressions: I applied this with a beauty blender, which is my standard method, so it evenly distributes around my face. The coverage in this was pretty good and it blended out really well however I did notice I clung to my dry patches around my nose area ever so slightly after application. I still continued to do the rest of my make up exactly the same and decided to test out the longevity whilst I was at work and unable to touch up my make up throughout the day. It lasted relatively well however towards mid afternoon (so approx 5/6 hours) it did disappear a bit on my face as my forehead seemed to become quite oily and the rest of it separated around my chin and in between my eyebrows. 
       Conclusion: Ok so it is what you pay for. I think it would be better if you are able to touch up your make up throughout the day which isn't a problem usually and the coverage is okay but I didn't like how it clung to my dry patches and appeared quite cakey on my face after a while so I probably wouldn't wear this foundation on the daily.

This product claims to be a lightweight, medium coverage that has a weightless feel and creates a semi-matte finish that skims over lines and imperfections for a flawless look. This isn't my usual type of of foundation as I do prefer an overall matte look however I've heard nothing but good things about this so thought I had to try. This again comes in 21 different shades that are separated into similar categories the other version. 
        First impressions: Once again, I applied at approx 7am with my beauty blender again and I was pleasantly surprised. The coverage was great! It blended out so nicely and didn't cling to any dry areas on my face. It gave me an overall flawless base. It is a very dewy, satin finish but after concealer and powder, it was amazing. It lasted all day as well without needed to touch up which I was extremely happy with. 
        Conclusions: I think I have found my new holy grail!! I have not stopped wearing this product since it arrived and I love the feel it has on my skin. It really smooths out all my fine lines, it doesn't crease and it has good coverage but still looks like skin. I so prefer this one out of the two and I will be using this over my usual MAC studio fix thats for sure. 
(This was taken using the serum product and NO FILTER)

What are your holy grail foundation recommendations? Have you tried these ones?
                                                                      Chelsea xo

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