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There's more to Ibiza...


I've recently come back from an amazing week away in Ibiza with my boyfriend and his lovely family...yep, I said family - never would've thought I'd go to ibiza with his nana but it was soooooo good. Whenever I've previously gone to ibiza, I've always considered it to be straight up party central but there are actually some really subtle ways to explore the white isle as well as also getting trashed.

So as well as the white isle being your party location, I thought I would make a blog post based on ideas of some other things you can enjoy and appreciate whilst you're there or even whilst you're recovering from your hectic night out and after a smudge bit of sleep of course....

1. Mambos - This is a very popular part of San Antonio, watching the sunset there is amazing and I'm partial to a good sunset, it's extra special when you can listen to a good DJ they have going on at the time with a bevvy - cheaper alternative if you don't want to pay the extortionate prices of drinks is a shop literally up the Main Street 5 mins away, buy a few cans in there and then go sit on the rock and appreciate that view

2. Waterpark - Did you know there is a waterpark right behind HI (which used to be Space) in Bossa? Well there is, this is a good day out if you need cooling down and a bit of fun.Doesn't help if you fall asleep in the sun there though and burn....but it's only 17 euros for entry if you purchase through hotel or 20 on door. Just being in the water definitely helps with my hangovers!

3.Ibiza Town - I literally LOVE this location, if there was a place I would move to in ibiza it would be here. As you can see from the pictures below, the town is just stunning. Majority of the buildings especially along the boardwalk are your typical white exotic build with flowers blooming out, the view is amazing especially if you climb up the castle at the highest point, shops are great which are a bonus and of course there are plenty of bars, restaurants and even a McDonalds which seems to be rare in ibiza - amazing!

For a list of other things to do, it's so easy to find - you've got things like Formentura, Hippy Market, Es Vedra, Boat Trips (that you can get cheap), Aquarium etc - a list that I chose to look out here.
And of course, if you're in ibiza then you do need to go to the super clubs as it's a night out you definitely won't be getting in England thats for sure, Elrow and Paradise Opening were the nights we went to and as usual they didn't disappoint. Check out my Instagram for more pictures and videos of our recent trip.

Have you been to Ibiza? What things did you get up to? Feel free to leave me a comment below and thanks again for reading!

Love Chelsea xox

Ps. I'm currently waiting for my BH Cosmetics order from the US, ooooh another blog post :)

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