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Trying Primarks NEW Nude Range

March 6, 2018

Has anyone seen this collection recently released by Primark all over their newsfeed? Does it remind you of a certain someones make up range....I'm getting a whole load of KKW vibes right now and I'm loving that you're getting it for a tiny weenie fraction of the price. I didn't pick up a load from this range as I wanted to only pick up the few items that really stood out to me because I have a tendency to buy make up that I don't end up using and these were the three products that screamed BUY ME so how could I not?

First things first, I'm LIVING for this packaging! Nude colours are in right now which also goes with everything but I think this colour scheme is very trendy, looks nice and chic but also quite basic which I like. Bravo to Primark for those packaging goals...
The first item I picked up was the PS...Nudes Body Shimmer Dust and it retails for only £4. I don't actually own any loose highlighter and although this is purposely for your body, I think I will use it mainly on my face as the pigment is incredible. That swatch was from a light tap off the excess from the lid. I think it's really cute that it comes with a little pink puff too - that's a nice touch and you also get quite a lot of product so ultimate bargain.

Next thing I picked up was the Metallic Eye Cream in the shade Day Dream. This is such a pretty pale pink and reminded me a bit of the Maybelline Colour Tattoo Eyeshadows as I do have a similar colour. This again is another pigmented product which is dead easy to apply. The only downside to this item is the actual product inside the pot is quite far down, so you have to proper dip your finger in to get anything out = could've done with a smaller pot making it easier to get the product out but at only £2 who's complaining?

I also picked up the pack of two tweezers which were only £1.50 for the duo. I loved the nude style of them and one tweezer was a flat end, the other was a pointed end. I thought these would be handy as I could use the flat end tweezers for my lashes as my other ones have the lash glue and shite all over them which has made them quite blunt now. Also, the price tag for two pairs of sturdy tweezers was pretty good if I say so myself.

Overall, my favourite product must be the Body Shimmer Dust because you get an exceptional amount of product (which is amazing) at such a low price. I'm in LOVE! I was tempted to get the big eyeshadow palette which retails at £8 but it was sold out of my Primark so I may have to go back and get it elsewhere as I've seen some good reviews on it. You can also get nude lipsticks for £1.50 although I'm not a fan of the Primark Lipsticks because of their cheap price tag, they seem to be quite drying on the old lips so I gave them a miss. Other than that, Primark is really upping their game recently and I love finding gems in there. If there is anything from the store that you'd like me to review for you then let me know! 

                                                            Thank you for reading, 
                                                                    Chelsea xo

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