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Welcome to my Blog!

Hey everyone and welcome to my first ever blog post

Finally, after many years of hesitation I've decided to bite the bullet and create a blog. This page will have a bit of everything in it from voicing my opinion on my latest purchases, any recommendations of places I continue to explore and just a basic diary of day to day things.

I came up with the name 'that skint gal' because well, the title is pretty self explanatory really however I haven't found many blogs that cater to people who can't afford to splash out on all the top of the range beauty products. Over the past few years, I've seemed to have developed a massive urge to purchase beauty things and most recommendations I've come across cost a bloody arm and leg...although some of them have been worth it! Therefore I reckon if you continue to read my blog, you might come across a few nifty purchases that are worth paying for or hopefully we can find alternatives together that won't break the bank....sounds good eh! I'm always up for a bargain. 

I don't study beauty, fashion nor am I great at make up or even taking photographs (oops) however hopefully in time and with the motivation of keeping this page up and running, we can develop these departments together and you never know, I might even branch out and meet new people whilst I'm at it and who doesn't love that!

Thank you for reading my blog and don't forget to subscribe :)

Chelsea xox

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