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What's new in the KIKO stash?

I don't know about you but I'm currently loving the brand Kiko yet it's not often that I see their products being loved over my feed maybe because not many people know of them yet? Perhaps. But if you don't know then GET TO KNOW! To be fair, I hadn't seen a KIKO store until I went to Nottingham and now whenever I'm in Notts town I always make sure I head into the store as they always have a sale so I tend to pick up a good bargain....

I thought I would try some different eyeshadows from Kiko as I have one from their waterfall range and I already love that. The shadows I picked up were the 'Baked Eyeshadow Duo in shade 08' and the 'Smart Culture Palette in Shocking Sparkle Shades'. I don't know about you, but I'm instantly drawn to the shimmer shadows at the moment, I'm literally like a magpie attracted to jewellery!

Baked Eyeshadow Duo - Shadow 08 - Pearly Snow & Golden Shell 
This is usually £7.90 however I believe I got it around the £5 mark due to the sale that was on. They had quite a range of coloured duos however I wanted something that I know would be put to good use. The brand claims that this shadow 'is for wet and dry use and the product is enriched with Jasmine, Camellia and Rose', also that each shade can be worn alone or combined. Both shadows on their own are very sheer so ideally they would be used a lid topper however once you layer them upon another, they become such a gorgeous shimmer shadow that I would like to bathe in. The texture of the top one (Pearly Snow) feels more chalky compared to the bottom (Golden Shell) as that one has more of a smoother touch. I definitely want to try some more shades, I think these would be fab to highlight certain areas of your eyes to really make them pop. I applied the swatch below with a dry finger (no point using a brush as it doesn't really pick up much.)

(L-R = Combined, Golden Shell, Pearly Snow)

Smart Cult Eyeshadow Palette - Shocking Sparkle Shades
This compact eyeshadow palette retails for £16.90 however I picked it up for £12 - bargain, eh! I love the sturdy packaging and the fact is has a mirror in it making it the perfect palette to take with you travelling however it does feature shimmer shadows only and I'm okay with that as I have tonnes of matte shades but just means I will need to dip in a couple of palettes for one look. The formula of these shadows very much reminds me of the Colourpop Golden State of Mind palette that I reviewed in January. Some of the shades feel slightly chalky to touch whereas others are completely different as they're quite buttery but that's because I think some are foiled and then some of them are lid toppers. You need to apply this with something wet as the lighter shades are quite hard to pick up especially compared to the darkerr end of the spectrum. I would recommend this palette if you're after shimmer shadows only and are happy to pat it on the lid rather than blend.

Some of the other products I LOVE from Kiko are the Hydra Lipglosses! I can't explain how fab they are on the lips, they're very hydrating and pigmented for a gloss but most of all, they aren't sticky and you get an amazing amount of product for the price (under £7!). Let me know below what your favourite product from Kiko Cosmetics is? Thank you for reading, 

                                                                    Chelsea xo

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