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My Palette Wishlist

This post was meant to be just a general make up wishlist but majority of the items were palettes so I thought why not solely focus on them. I think eyeshadow palettes and highlighters are my all time favourite make up purchases. When I'm doing my make up, I make such a mess pulling everything out so I prefer it if majority of my shadows are all in one place and lets be honest, I'm no make up artist so it just makes it that little bit easier...

1. Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam - £43 
I think I'm the only make up hoarder who doesn't own this yet!!! Why don't I own it? Well it's a little pricey and I've been on a spending ban at the moment meaning I can't really splash £43 on a palette but isn't it a spring dream? This palette has the perfect neutral hues containing a mixture of mattes and shimmers for that ideal soft glam look. This is top on my hitlist!

2. Lime Crime Venus XL Palette   £50
This palette has the perfect mixture of berries which I absolutely love. You'd be able to create so many soft to grunge looks with this for any occasion. It contains eighteen shadows which are a mixture of finishes but it's a hefty £50 for this however the quality of the shadows are meant to be amazing. I've not tried any of the lime crime shadows yet so hopefully this will be my first.

3. NARSissist Wanted Eyeshadow Palette - £55
How pretty is this palette? It's limited edition so I know I'm gonna need to snap it up quick but it is a proper instagrammable product, don't you think? The shimmer shades really stand out for me, especially the pop of olive colour. NARS is a brand that I want to use more of because I love their foundation and tinted moisturiser but that is as far as it goes so when I saw this product I just knew I need it.

4. Violet Voss Hashtag Palette - £43
Now if you've seen my Insta or my recent blog post raving about the holy grail palette, then you'd know I'm a new fan of the violet voss eyeshadows. They are sooo pigmented and the palette itself is pretty hench. This palette focuses a lot on Gold shades and purple which is different to the typical warm shaded products I usually pick up. I love the quality of these shadows so I'm determined to get the whole range from Violet Voss!

5. Huda Beauty Winter Solstice Highlighter - £40
All the previous huda highlighting palettes are always too dark for my skin tone so when she bought this one out, I fell in love but the price tag is what held me back - considering you only get 4 pans, it's quite expensive however the formula and the method of layering as advised by Huda herself makes it that little bit redeemable. I like the shade range in this palette and I love the slight wet pans because the formula lasts really well on my cheekbones.

6. Ofra Feelin' Myself Highlighter Palette - £25
I've been dying to try one of the Ofra Highlighters especially since NikkiTutorials collaborated with them. There are quite few shades that I've seen recently but Pillowtalk had caught my eye so to get that in a palette with the famous Rodeo Drive AND Blissful for only £25 - that is more up my street so I shall be purchasing this very soon!

7. Juvias Place Douce Palette - £20
When I saw this palette get released, it screamed SPRING to me and that I have to get it. I
love the Juvias Place eyeshadow formula and the pans are pretty big so you get a lot of product. The shimmer mint shade and the hot pink is screaming my name! The colours in this palette just reminds me of ice cream and well we all need an ice cream from time to time don't we?

8. Too Faced Natural Face Palette - £35
This is an all rounder palette that features two stunning highlighters, two blushers and two bronzers. I've been meaning to try the Too Faced Milk Chocolate bronzer but for a couple of quid extra, I'd get a lot more pans for my pounds. I love the packaging of this range, it's literally so pretty and I've heard nothing but good reviews.

9. Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Eyeshadow Palette - £37
I'm quite familiar with the Morphe palettes as I own a fair few because they are good quality shadows at a reasonable price. This collaboration is a little bit more on the pricier side compared to their other products but there was so much hype around this due to the versatility of the shade range.

10. Morphe 35B - £23
This palette is a staple in most MUA's kit because it holds a bunch of bold and bright yet pigmented shadows. The colour selection is amazing and I've seen people all over Insta create some amazing looks using just this palette alone so it's something I definitely want to purchase and practise with.

There have been soooo many posts recently of new palettes being brought out which makes me excited but also broke as per usual haha.. Well, I hope you liked reading my palette wishlist and perhaps it's inspired you to purchase some of these products. No doubt when I eventually will receive them, there will be a review put up. 

Chelsea xo

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