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Top 10 Places I Want To Visit

Since I was 19, I've had a bit of a travel bug. I LOVE visiting new countries and getting an insight into different cultures as well as witnessing the beautiful scenery that this world has to offer. I've mapped my way through just a small fraction of places that I've always wanted to visit. I've gone from backpacking around some areas of Thailand and Cambodia to living in Australia to partying in Ibiza for a few months - quite the mixture of things and a total of three trips. However, I've recently longed to dig out that rucksack and explore a little more so I thought I would include the top 10 places I have recently been dreaming about....

1. New York - Ok, I think I was born to be American. Everything about New York is what I'm about. I love the busy city life, part of the reason why I enjoy my weekend trips to London from time to time but NYC is just on a whole another level. The food and the shopping like hello imagine how much make up I could buy.

2. Singapore - I'm going to Singapore early next year and I'm soooo excited. The shopping is amazing, the garden by the bay and the night safari are things I NEED to experience.

3. Bali - Seeing people on those swings in the crystal blue waters watching the sun set is literally iconic and I've heard nothing but good things about Bali. All the islands that you can hop around are literally calling my name too!

4. Canada - I've heard a few people shout about this country and my oh my I just can't stop looking at some of the scenic pictures people were lucky enough to capture whilst visiting.  The beautiful lakes and breathtaking mountains are somewhere I really want to sit at and basically re-evaulate my life. Also voted the most beautiful country in the world by a lot of people!

5. Nepal - Home of the famous Mount Everest and also voted one of the cheapest countries to backpack, need I say more? 

6. Phillipines - Every photo I see of this place looks the idea of paradise = typical white sands and crystal blue waters. Another country where you hop onto a ferry and explore each of the islands, doesn't that just sound amazing?

7. Vietnam - I'm gutted that we didn't get to explore Vietnam when we were backpacking that area of Asia but we made a schoolboy error of not looking into the visas properly so we missed the opportunity of following the boys we fancied at the time (lol) however everyone who had experienced this place made a statement that whilst backpacking, Vietnam was the best place they went to as it offered a lot more culture and wasn't as touristy as say Thailand. 

8. Mexico - When you go past the most popular destinations in Mexico like Cancun etc you delve into a country full of history, beautiful nature and amazing food. Also, I quite like the idea of camping along the pacific beaches, sounds romantic right?

9. Budapest - I think this place will be my next city break as it's only across the water and is apparently cheap as chips but holds some really beautiful sights, especially at night times. 

10 - Finland - Voted one of Europes most beautiful countries and giving me all the Christmas vibes, why wouldn't I want to sit under the northern lights or sledge through the snow with the reindeer?

There are many more places on the agenda however these are the ones that appeal to me the most and I would love to visit but in the meantime I shall just flick through some of my fave photos that I took when I was away:

If you would like me to do a blogpost all about my travel experiences including the places we stayed, budgets, activities and just travelling memories then let me know and I'd happily do one. I really wish I started blogging back when I went travelling as I LOVE looking through peoples travel diaries. Thank you for reading and I hope that the switch up of my blog doesn't make you cry too much as I'd love to include more lifestyle type posts! 

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