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Bbqs, Brighton and Bare Food for my 25th Birthday

Wow, what a great weekend I had celebrating my 25th birthday with all my favourite people. Even though I wasn't in blogger mode at all over the past few days, I did take a few pictures on my phone so I thought I would just briefly share with you all what I got up to...

Took me a good hour and a half to do my make up!

Me and my girls took a trip to Brighton just for a boozy day drinking session as I love them, they're so fun aren't they and we hadn't of been to Brighton in a LONG time so why not. Plus it's dead cheap to get there compared to the likes of London etc - only £16 return on train! When we first got there at about 3ish, we headed straight to Wetherspoons because why the hell not ay... can't go wrong with cheap ass drinks. The one place I did want to visit though was Meat Liquour and I was so happy that we did. It's such a quirky little place to eat and the food was amazing!! Once we had finished our food, we took a stroll down by the beach and sat in the Brighton Music Hall bar where they had live music right on the coast. It was actually really nice because the weather was beautiful and everyone was dancing about, just having a laugh. Love days like that!

Dirty Hippy Fries, Cheese and Gravy Fries, Cheese + Bacon Burger, Monkey Fingers (Chicken strips in buffalo sauce)

On my actual birthday, my lovely boyfriend took me for full English at the Parade Tea Rooms then we had a nice stroll along the beach - quite romantic ay? I was so blessed to be spoilt for my birthday, I received some money too so it was a necessity to buy a few essentials in town and to finish off, we ate again at Koh Thai for some Thai Tapas - believe it or not, it was Connors first time eating Thai food!!!! I couldn't believe it, I absolutely love Thai food...

Two fave things - Pina Coladas and a ginger
Prawn Tempura, Crispy Beef, Duck and Cucumber Rolls, Chicken Satay, Green Chicken Curry + Egg Fried. Rice and 24hr Ribs
My lovely presents from my friends and family
So, as you can see my weekend consisted of food but that is what birthdays are all about aren't they? I don't think I've eaten so much cake in my life so I had to struggle and forced myself back to the gym yesterday. I'm attempting healthy eating for the next two weeks (until I have Parklife) but even that will be hard as it's Connors birthday next week and I've got a surprise for him - girlfriend goals!

I hope this blogpost wasn't too boring for you but I thought I would just give you an insight as to what I got up to this weekend, thats what bloggers do right? Stay tuned though as I have a LOT of blogposts in the pipeline to play catch up with so I hope you enjoy and have a fab day.

Love Chelsea xo

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