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HAX; The Cut Crease Kit Review

Performing a cut crease can require a little skill, a skill that I sometimes don't have (I have my good and my bad days with make up) so when I was told about HAX after seeing it go on sale on ASOS, I knew it would be a kit that would come in handy!

HAX currently have five different sets on offer: Cut Crease,  Glitter Cut Crease, Glitter Lips, Holographic Lips and Two Tone Rose Gold Lip. It was quite hard to decide which one I wanted the most but I thought I would just keep it simple and go for the normal cut crease kit. They usually retail between £17.99 and £19.99 (depending on what site) however at the moment you can purchase for £15.50 on ASOS (here) which is an absolute bargain.

What do you get?

The instagrammable box you receive is relatively small yet easy enough to fit through your letterbox. Inside you get: A duo ended brush - one being a fluffy flat brush and the other end is a small pencil type brush, a trio of eyeshadows to use - one colour being a shimmer shadow, liquid eyeliner and a cut crease guide. Not only that but you also receive a step by step leaflet which provides great detail as well as pictures for each one = everything you need for a cut crease basically which is great. 

Did it work?
I love the cut crease guide, it's so easy to use! It is a rubber type of material meaning it's also very easy to clean. It has a curved edge to help with the shadows and a straight edge on one side so you can use it as a guide for your eyeliner too. Can't go wrong with a multipurpose product! The eyeshadow brushes are relatively good as well which is unusual as the brushes in kits aren't usually as fluffy but I love the both ends. The only problem I had was the eyeshadows it came with, personally I would've used a matte transition shadow instead or as well as the bronzed colour however it is still very pigmented and they all blended relatively well. The liquid eyeliner was also a really good product, the fact that the colour was jet black and the consistency was just right meaning it was easy to apply. I would've liked another colour to make it a quad, perhaps a lighter shimmer shade for the inner corner highlight and brow bone so I did have to reach for one I had already had. 

I'm keen to use the other kits now and see how well they work, especially the lip kits! I think overall the concept of this product is amazing and is helpful for us make up beginners who would like a job done very quick because it is so easy to use and considering it's on sale, I would snatch it up if you can. 

Thank you for reading and let me know if you've tried any of the other kits!
Chelsea xo

*This product was gifted however it doesn't affect my views as my opinions are all my own*

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