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My 1st Blogiversary + Giveaway!

Yayyyy, we made it to a year already! I can't believe how quickly time has flown and to say that I've been blogging for a whole year now is surreal. I've wanted to start a blog for yeaaaars but I just lacked the confidence in doing so as I thought no one would read it but here we are and I literally love the whole blogging scenario. One thing I do regret is not doing this years ago when I went travelling as that would've been amazing to keep travel diary of all the places I went away to each time however better late than never ay. 

Although I have been blogging for a year now, I was posting irregularly until December 2017 and that seems to be when I have taken it a lot more seriously and dedicated time each week to get up weekly posts as well as Instagram. Who knew how big social media can get! I love being a part of the so called 'blogging community' as you do get so much support from one another, all trying to reach the same goal and just enjoy putting posts out there for people to read. 

My goal within the next year or so? Hmm... I would like to go to a blogging event. That would be great wouldn't it and perhaps do little blogging meets, where you go to lovely scenic places grab some lunch and take loads of pics. Does that sound sad? Haha! I would find it a great way to mingle and also exchange tips/help etc but I think that would be dead cute but other than that, my ideal goal like any other blogger is to just grow. How amazing would it be having something you love as your full time job - that's the ultimate dream.

   So, the main reason for this blogpost was because I wanted to host just a little GIVEAWAY  in honour of my blog birthday as well as my own birthday on the 21st.
This giveaway will mainly be on my Instagram page (@chelsbaxter_tsg) but the rules are:

1. Must be following me on Instagram
2. Like past 5 pictures of mine
3. Tag a friend in the below picture
and that is it! 

The giveaway will finish on the 30th and I will announce the winner on May 31st so keep your eyes peeled because you could win the new Huda Coral Obsession Palette and some little sweeties that I'll surprise you with too.

 Thank you so much for reading once again and supporting my blog/instagram page for the past year, here's to many more!
Love Chelsea xo


  1. Congrats on one year! Does't time fly?! I'm glad you mastered up the confidence and made the plunge. It would've been fab to see your travel diaries, perhaps you could post some throwback places?

    I haven't been to a blogger event, I'm quite shy, and there aren't any near me. But, hope you get to one soon! You're right they seem a great place to get to know one another and network.

    Best of luck with your blog, L x

    1. Thank you so much! Oh tell me about, it sure does fly by. I was thinking of perhaps doing a brief insight of what we got up to travelling. Thank you so much xxx