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Unboxing My Glam Box; May

After the last box I got which I thought was absolutely fantastic, I was so eager to receive Mays' however it was a little late due to the company being held up by one of their suppliers. I'm that person that gets nervous every time something is late as I tend to think I've been forgotten about or there is a system error that has wiped me clean but the people behind the glam box were very reassuring and explained why it was delayed - now, here we are... ready for a review!

Each month, Glambox has a theme and this one is all about that GLOW which obviously is a bit of me....

  • House of Sparklez UK Highlighter (Princess Cut Pro Loose Powder) - I've been dying to try this brand as I've seen them loads over Instagram recently, I think I've even entered to become a brand ambassador a few times so I was thrilled to see that they have been featured in this months box.  This loose highlighter is in a pigment sized pot probably similar size to the Vacation Highlighter I blogged about yesterday so it's a good size as you still get plenty of product in. By the looks of it, you only need the smallest amount as when you rub it in, it gives off a perfect rose gold sheen. I love this! This is a full sized product and it usually retails for £6.99 here.
  • Obsessed Cosmetics Mini Highlighter - This a limited edition product and although it says it's a mini, it's a decent size! Due to the colour of it, at first I genuinely thought it was just large panned eyeshadow so no doubt I'd use it as that too. It has two shades in one pan - one is a peach shade and the other is a pink/purple colour but boy, do they beam. When you first swipe at it, it can be a little bit crumbly but they are easy to blend out - reminds me a little of the Huda Foiled shadows from her first palette. This is a complete unique product for this months box and is worth £8. Cruelty free, handmade and pressed - what more do you need?
  • Sample Beauty Pigment Pot (Glam & Glow) - All I cay say for this product is WOW. I think this has got to be my favourite this month! This exclusive pot of joy is duo chrome for starters, although the swatch doesn't show that very well - so it is a purple toned shade with a metallic green/gold shift. You only need a small amount as it's very fine yet bloody pigmented and even when you blend it out, it still GLOWS. I'm definitely going to look at the other pigment pots for sure from this brand if they're anything like this one. This is a full sized product which is vegan for all my lovely vegan friends and it usually retails for £6.99 although I couldn't find the exact shade as like I said it's exclusive however they have loads of other really pretty pigments here.
  • Peggy Sage Masque - This is a fibre mask that is rich with honey and shea butter which is said to nourish and repair the skin. I think adding a face mask into the box is a nice touch as I'm all about prepping my face to try and get the perfect base and they seem to be very popular at the moment so I'm excited to try this. This mask is worth £5.

  • Eldora Eyelashes (M112) - In every box, you receive a pair of eyelashes which is something I love! These look absolutely stunning as they're handmade and fluffy. The band is a little thick on the lashes which makes it slightly hard to shape round your eye but when they're on, they are beautiful. I can see myself getting a few wears out of this so it's definitely worth it. It also comes with glue! This retails for £8.90
  • Lycheexo Premium Matte Liquid Lipstick (Peach Kiss) - This is in a lovely frosted glass bottle with an applicator and I tell you what, she is pretty darn good. I'm not usually one to buy liquid lipsticks anymore because I can never find a good formula other than the Huda Beauty ones but this reminds me of that due to it being quite thin yet pigmented. Also, let me tell you - it lasts! Actually I found it quite hard to get off so thats a bonus. This is a full sized product that usually retails for £12.99 here.
  • Lycheexo Premium Fan Brush SX02 - Well it wouldn't be a glow box without a fan brush now would it? I believe this retails for £4.50.

Overall, once again My Glam Squad have smashed it and for a price of £18.99 (P&P included here), I received a box worth approx £53 which is amazing as it's over double. I was so happy when I this box arrived yesterday that I even dm'ed them on Instagram to tell them how good their boxes are. This is only my second one but I know that it's a box I'll be receiving for quite a while which is unusual for me. Next months theme is Mythical so I'm excited for that one, I sense perhaps purple/green shades with a hint of unicorns or mermaid inspired products? What do you think of this box?

Thank you for reading, 
Love Chelsea xo

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  1. Ahhh such gorgeous shades, I love your swatches and how you captured these! I really love the look of the liquid lipstick, gorgeous blog and reviews :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (I would love to follow each other on bloglovin if you like :D)