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Phase Zero - NEW Liquid Eyeshadows Review

*These products were gifted however they do not influence my opinion as my views are all but my own*

I'm sorry but Phaze Zero are back at it again with the new releases and this time around, they've bought out not one but TWO formulas for their liquid eyeshadows which are either Coconut Water or Metal Veil.  The Metal Veil shadows have a creamy base that are pigmented with a subtle shimmer and the Coconut Water shadows have a slightly watery formula that dries down amazingly quick and giving you HELLA SHIMMER. You can purchase these online (here) at a normal rate of £12.50 or at a members price of £4. If you don't already know, Love Me Beauty is a site that you can sign up to at a monthly rate which then assigns you credits at the end of each month to redeem against brands - which at the moment is mainly Phase Zero. I believe it's only a cheap monthly subscription however they currently have an offer on at the moment to try 90 days for free and it's so worth it considering how cheap you can get this make up!

Coconut Water Shadows 

I found this formula VERY interesting... You can even see from the bottle how watery the product is however when you apply it onto your skin, give it approx 45 secs or so to dry down and well, I've never known anything like it. It is stuck on your skin, like it doesn't budge and it delivers a serious metallic vibe right now. The shades I got were:

  • Romance - Champagne Pink
  • Gilded - Dark Gold
  • Valentines - Rose Pink
  • Lucky Penny - Golden Bronze
Romance has got to be my favourite colour as I am living for champagne colours right now due to me being so pale, it suits my skin tone very well compared to the bronzey shades. One thing I would say about this product is that you must remember to shake the liquid well and be careful when applying as they spill easily due to being so runny. 

Metal Veil

These are like your normal liquid eyeshadows. They apply really nicely however I don't think they're are AS pigmented as the coconut water ones so you may have to do (only) a coat extra to get the desired pigment but other than that, they are dead easy to apply and the colours are gorge. The shades I received were:
  • Merlot - Deep Burgandy
  • Decadence - Cool Brown
  • Fancy - Champagne
  • White Rabbit - Bright White
White Rabbit is my favourite one out of this bunch as you can use it various ways - I popped a little on my cheeks and blended out as it worked really well as a highlighter, you can use it to brighten up your eyes in the inner corner/brow bone, you can pop it underneath another colour to make it more vibrant or you can just use it by itself but either way, it's a gorge colour and I love incorporating a bright white to bring my eye look together.

I would say that it's very easy to apply both formulas, you can layer them and build them up really nicely if needed or if you'd like to blend them out a bit then I would advise to do when it's still wet as they were made to not budge once they are dried and believe me when I say, they weren't playing around! Overall, I think these are really good products especially for their cheap price and I know I'll certainly get a lot of use out of them! The shade range consists of 11 colours altogether so I do hope they bring more out, my favourite being the more paler shades personally. 

I have also been given a discount code to give to my lovely readers, giving you £5 off your first purchase, feel free to use CHELSBAXTER05 at checkout - only if you fancy it though!

If you've already tried them, let me know what your favourite product is from Phase Zero or what is on your list to buy? I've got my eyes on the lip toppers next as I can't get enough of those shades!
Thank you for reading and until next time folks, 
Chelsea xo

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