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The Latest Serums in Stash

 *Both serums were kindly gifted to me however that does not alter my opinion in the slightest, my views are my own. *

Wow, it's been a while since I wrote a post so lets just say I've missed it! Life has been so hectic since mine and my boyfriends birthdays, Birmingham and then Manchester for Parklife festival but now things have settled I can get back into writing and what better way to get back into it with talking about my new serums that I so kindly received in the post!

Bowe Organics Lash Oil - £19.99

This lash oil comes with a little dropper and is made of only natural ingredients, including: Castor Oil to help thicken and lengthen, Vitamin E to protect and Rose Hip Oil to replenish. This product is also Paraben free, animal friendly, preservative free and organic. Sounds amazing huh? I was advised to test it out for three weeks as that's how long it takes for your lashes to grow and lately I've been having a tough time with them purely because I've been wearing false lashes a lot more so I was up for the test!

I started off with just putting two drops on my fingertips before bed and massaging into my lashes, it was very useful actually in getting rid of the stubborn mascara that my make up remover couldn't remove meaning it cleansed them a bit better. Once all that was removed, I added a little more to go to bed with. I was a little worried of getting it in my eyes as that was a mistake I made once which stung a little but it absorbed quite well so when I woke up I wasn't left with any greasy residue around my eyes. At first, I didn't really notice much of a difference with my lashes and it wasn't until the third to fourth week that my lashes are actually starting to grow a little thicker so I'm going to keep at it to help them grow as my lashes have always been relatively stumpy. 

The lady from the company had also advised that it helps with brow growth - now that's definitely something I was interested in! At first I forgot to add it to my brows so I didn't try doing that until middle of the second week however I'm so glad I remembered because I believe it has actually made a difference! My brows are finally growing!! I've been avoiding plucking them so much and they don't shed half as much as they used to so they've grown relatively quick. 

Overall, I think I'll more or less use the product for my brows as I think it's perfect for that. My lashes are still a work in progress however my mascara has actually been applying a lot better and less clumpy which is fab. 

Skinkissed Facial Serum - £29.95

I've been testing this serum for approx 3 weeks and it is said to: Plumps and hydrates dull skin, removes acne, reduces wrinkles, fine lines and blemishes, leaves your skin feeling soft and is perfect as a base/primer - quite a lot ay? This product features Rose Water, Vitamin C, Glycerine, Hyaluronic Acid, Phenoxyethanol and Marine Collagen. Anything with Hyaluronic Acid is gods gift to me because I'm all about adding that youthful plump back into my skin! Fine lines around my eyes (crows feet) is something that I'm quite paranoid about, I HATE them! Over the past few years, I've accumulated quite a bit hence why I don't smile in pictures as much any more because they really stand out so I was excited to see if this had done anything for them.... I personally think I'm starting to nice a difference! There definitely isn't as many huddled around my eyes as much anymore and my skin has a minor glow to it = so far so good. 
I can't say it has done anything for my blemishes just yet as the past 3 weeks I've drank a lot of alcohol and eaten a lot of crap food as well as it's been my time of the month so I'm bound to get a spot etc but I haven't had any major ones if you know what I mean, they've been quite subtle to be honest which is a good sign!

Now you can't tell a big difference in these pics as I took them on my phone (I know, what a rubbish blogger but I'm quite paranoid to show you my skin without make up on!) however I can already tell that my skin has a little more life in it, I've less fine lines around my eyes, my eyelashes and my eyebrows are slightly thicker too - Overall, I'm impressed. I do think the serums are probably a little bit overpriced for me because of course, I'm one skint gal however I'm glad I've tried them and am in the process of seeing results as it will prompt me to re-purchase! 

Have you tried any of these serums? Or do you have any recommendations to help smoothen out these fine lines I have as I'm up for listening to them?! I've tagged the companies websites in the headers for you to check them out and see what you think. 

Thank you for reading, 
love Chelsea xo

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