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Unboxing My Glam Box; June

As you may have guessed... this month is Unicorn Themed which features bright colours and lots of glitter - perfect for your festival season! If you don't already know, the people behind My Glam Box run a monthly subscription that is purely just make up which is recommended by local MUA's and it retails for £18.99 (P&P inc) which is really quite cheap as most of the boxes values at approx £40-£60 so you receive more than double and it's a great way to discover new brands.

  • Unicorn Lash Collection (Ladybug) - RRP £9.99- I'm buzzing to receive this in my box as I've been eye-ing up the various styles that are on Beauty Bay but I was unsure as to what style to get. These are really fluffy and essentially quite a girly pair of eyelashes. They're not too thick so your eyeshadow will be able to peep through nicely. 

  • Multi Purpose Unicorn Dust off Brush - RRP £9.99 - How pretty is this brush though and I love the packaging it comes in, very unique. The brush itself has multi-coloured hairs, very VERY soft and is very luxe feel. It's also vegan for my animal loving friends! The only thing I was pretty pissed at was the end of the brush had like hardened glue on the ends so I will have to try and wash that off. 

  • Olivia Belle Eyeshadow (Blue Belle) - RRP £4.50 - This large sized pan is like a cobalt blue with silver reflects in it. It's very pigmented and feels smooth to touch with not a lot of kickback. I've not tried anything from this brand yet or even heard of them but I'm excited to use for when I'm going for a bright, bold look. 
  • Oliva Belle Gel Eyeliner - RRP £5 - This is a white gold gel eyeliner which probably can be used as a creme eyeshadow too. It also says it's safe to use in the waterline which is something that I will most likely do often because I love adding a white eyeliner as it brings an eye look together as well as opens up your eyes. 
  • Mollie Cosmetics Highlighter (Lunar) - RRP £12.00 - This highlighter is a bold, lilac shade which is super pigmented. It's a great thing to put in the box as it's not something I would normally buy but I can put it to use at different events. It's a product that will certainly give you a unicorn glow!
  • The Dancing Unicorn Duo Glitter Set - RRP £8.50 - You can never have too much glitter! It's just a shame I didn't receive this box before my last festival as this would've come in handy. One packet is a iridescent purple/pink glitter and the tube features a mixture of white and pink glitter - both really pretty packs giving you the ultimate mystical vibes

Overall, I think it's a lovely box! Majority of the products aren't something I'd purchase on a day to day basis and I don't think I would get as much use out of them all as previous boxes I've received however it's good to switch things up because I'm sure some people would REALLY appreciate these items because I know that unicorn themed products are really trendy at the moment. SPOILER - the next box clue is 'Summertime' which I'm excited for, I can imagine it has either tropical products or something that gives you a natural dewy bronzed look. If that appeals to you (which I sure it would) then I suggest you subscribe right here. 

Thank you for reading and let me know your thoughts on this box? Do you love unicorn themed products?
Chelsea xo 

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