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Dollface By Daisy X Rehab Event

I was fortunate enough to be invited to an event held locally in Tiger Tiger Portsmouth which was hosted by a lovely girl called Daisy and the Rehab Team. The event was put together for a mixture of reasons which included celebrating Daisy launching her brand new website (here) as well as a birthday party for Rehab Salon, which is where Daisy paints gorge peoples faces. 

Most people from Portsmouth would probably know Daisy through either her MUA skills or for just being sassy as hell all over on Instagram so it was a given that a mixture of people would attend. At Rehab Salon, you can find all sorts of glorious wonders going on there from MUA to hair but to make you feel at home they also serve drinks from their fridge, sweets from a pick n mix stand as well as spritzing you with a range of designer fragrances - basically, they are willing to go that extra mile to make you feel like a 'boss ass bitch' which we are all about. 

The Event
As soon as you arrived, you were all welcomed by Daisy herself, who was swanning around in the most lush black mesh type dress with a bright orange denim jacket. Soon as you walked in, you knew how much effort was put into the decor as you had a bartender mixing up some free mojitos (always a good sign if there is free alcohol), a flower wall which everyone took full advantage of, pick n mix table, shish's outside on the terrace, cupcakes alongside mini perfume sachets scattered around but she had also put a lovely goody bag together - which I'll get onto later.

The bartender looking quite shocked at me taking a picture lool

Beauty by Aliyah sponsored the event so held a mini stall selling some of her cruelty free cosmetics as well as applying glitter or lashes on people

Me, Daisy (hostess) and my friend Ellis
**Picture was taken by Styled by Emily Morgan who was photographer for the night as she was blogging too, check her post out here**

Before the event, I had asked Daisy a few questions as I really wanted to get her feel on it all and just ask a little about her and why she had put all this effort together...

 1. What do you hope to gain from the event and why are you hosting the party?       We are the hosting the party as a celebration for my website launch and a birthday party for Rehab Salon. We wanted to show everyone what we do at the Salon and our vibe. We are all for empowering people! We wanted to get all our friends and clients together to celebrate and also network with new people. 

2. What inspired you to do make up?
Makeup is something I have always enjoyed ever since I was little. When I was a really young girl, I used to spend my pocket money on cheap makeup in Superdrug to try and recreate looks beauty Gurus did on Youtube. I think there was a range called 2true and it was 3 items for £5 so each week I’d get 3 new things and be sooo jealous of all the girls on Youtube with the nice MAC pigments and brushes.
I never thought I could make a career out of it until a couple of years ago- people were messaging me on Instagram asking me to do their prom makeup. I really needed the extra money at the time so I took my personal makeup (I didn’t have much) and started doing it mobile. I used to charge £10 for a face and have 4 foundations in my kit, But I made it work. I used to mix the shades to make new ones. Every bit of money I earnt I put back into my kit to buy myself professional brushes and products. It all went from there! It was all worth it in the end.

3. Is this event something you plan on doing regularly?
As we hit new goals with our business we will definitely be celebrating all over again!

4. Would you ever consider doing masterclasses? (I'd definitely be buying a ticket if so)
I am 100% holding a masterclass and plans for this are already underway. It’s something I have always wanted to do - I am very excited.

5. What's the next step for you and your brand?
I have big plans for Dollface by Daisy but for now I am holding my cards close to my chest - I don’t want to give to many of my ideas and dreams away until I have manifested them into reality! I am really excited for the future.

6. One make up product you can't live without? 
CONCEALER!! Concealer saves me on the days I don’t get much sleep - which is pretty much every day. 

7. Can you send me a picture of your favourite make up look you've done?
I was out with Ellis after Daisy had done this make up look and it did actually look even more stunning in person so no wonder why she chose to be her fave!
Goody Bag

  • Beeaty by Aliyah Glitter Pot in shade Shooting Star
  • Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Lipstick in shade Berry Boost
  • Clinique Chubby Highlighting Stick
  • 7th Heaven. Dead See Peel Off Facemask 
  • Mini Perfume Samples - Tiffany. YSL Black Opium and Calvin Klein Obsessed
  • Dior Foundation Sample
  • Chewing Gum/Sweets
  • Bubbles
  • Free Lashes with make up appointment from Daisy
  • £10 off hair by Rehab
  • 10% off orders by Beauty by Aliyah
  • £10 off Botox or Lip fillers from Kim Wadey Aesthetics
Overall, I really enjoyed the event and I was so happy to be invited as it was the first event that I've ever blogged (woohoo does that make me a legit blogger now?) and I was very grateful for the goodybag. The place oozed with sassiness and empowerment which is what Daisy wanted to achieve. Thank you Daisy for hosting a lush event and I'm looking forward to seeing what the future holds for you and your brand because I know you'll succeed. If you want to follow Daisy to see her work or book in with her then the links are below but for now, thank you for reading!
Love Chelsea xo

Instagram for Daisy: dollfacebydaisy 
Instagram for Rehab Salon: rehabsalonUK

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