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NARS Tinted Moisturiser Review

Despite having the typical English weather back from the past couple of days, I was very grateful that I managed to pick this little baby up when I went to Birmingham for my boyfriends birthday. This is the NARS tinted moisturiser and I got it in the shade Alaska (Light 2) - which is probably a shade too dark for me however it's perfect for when I do have more than a milky complexion. I opted for something that was going to give me a perfect tint and that wasn't too heavy because when it was hot, it was feckin hot and my make up was literally dripping down my face, not a good look people. 

I like the packaging design of this as I do with all Nars products, preferably because they are minimal and sleek but better yet, you're able to squeeze out the product so you can control how little or lot you need. I hate faffing around with losing lids and pumps not working so this suits me nicely. You get 50ml of product which does seem quite a lot however remember it's a moisturiser so a little doesn't go a long way.

This is a lightweight, oil free moisturiser that just enhances your natural skin - something we all crave in the summer months. Not only does it hydrate your skin but it also helps protect it as it contains SPF30, I always forget about adding SPF to my face unless I'm sunbathing. Suncream isn't part of my normal routine and it's something I do want to work on so to have it included in my base make up helps us forgetful sods out a lot. This has a sheer to medium coverage which is easily buildable but I find just one layer works nicely for me and it doesn't separate if you also add concealer, powder etc because that's something that happens quite frequently when I wear different foundations, not a lot seem to pair up with the rest of my make up causing unwanted separation which appears cakey - this in fact is the complete opposite and is the perfect base for a flawless application. It gives you a lovely dewy finish which of course is especially great when you're on holiday but I do like a matte base, which is where the powder application takes place and sets it very nicely. 

Considering this is a moisturiser, I have tried using my fingers to apply however it does get messy and I wouldn't recommend so I just use my good old damp beauty blender and it applies absolutely fine. I do tend to use a fair bit of product in one sitting to ensure my whole moon faee is covered so like I said previously, a little doesn't seem to go a long way and that's one downfall about this product is I don't think it will last me that long! I've worn this to work numerous times and I've still got it on at the end of the working day, mind my face is probably a little bit more shiny than I like but nothing a touch up can help.

This is after a full day of wearing the product, I applied at 7am and this was taken at 6.45pm!!
I also found that if I want extra coverage then I would apply this to my face underneath a foundation layer and the rest of my make up - I really loved the finish of that and it hid everything!

I really, really like this product. In fact, I LOVE Nars base products. I do think it's a little pricey (£30)  for the fact it's a tinted moisturiser but I love how it enhances your skin and how lightweight it feels. It's literally a holiday in the bottle! Do I recommend? Yes, 100%. The only negative about this product (in my opinion) is you get 50ml for £30 yet I don't think it will last as long as my foundations I have purely because I do use a fair bit in one application so I think this bottle could last perhaps one or two summers at push.

Have you tried this product? If so, let me know in the comments below and thank you for reading, 
Chelsea xo


  1. This sounds lovely, would love to try some base products from Nars! <3

    1. I really love their sheer glow foundation too! Need to try some of their concealers though as I’ve heard that they’re good xxxx