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Phase Zero X LMB Liquid Lipsticks; Swatches & Review

I was kindly sent the matte liquid lipstick bundle from Phase Zero x Love me Beauty which included four stunning shades - Classic Red, Love me Latte, Pink Suede and Gingerbread. If you don't already know, Love me Beauty used to be a beauty subscription service however it's now a retailer mainly for Phase Zero. They've recently removed their subscription service but you can still sign up, login and purchase their items at factory prices so these lipsticks are only £4.50 each or £14 for the bundle AND I have a *DISCOUNT CODE: CHELBAXTER05 FOR £5 OFF YOUR FIRST ORDER* here.

First of all, I love the packaging from the design of the actual lipstick to the silver reflective box it comes in. The product is very sleek, neat and modern and the lipstick has a nice applicator with a white lid. When you pull the applicator out, there isn't a product overflowing so it's left tidy. 

Classic Red - Says it all really...
Love me Latte - Muted Brown Nude
Pink Suede - Pink Nude
Gingerbread - Warm Red/brown
I'm really enjoying the shades that I received but my fave is definitely Love me Latte with a nice brown liner. 

These liquid lipsticks are fast drying but pigmented so you don't need a lot on to apply. They're relatively thick which means they are creamy but I actually found them to be quite comfortable to wear. They don't crack as quick as other matte lipsticks I have which is what I was worried about as I suffer with dry lips hence why I always opt for a gloss. They're long lasting to an extent. When I had worn them with a gloss on top, it was on for a good 5 hours before topping it up and bear in mind I had a creamy drink from Costa as well as lunch however by themselves, they didn't last as long when you ate which surprises me as it's usually the other way round. The lipsticks not being as long lasting as my high end products isn't that much of an issue for me as it's what I had expected due to how much of a bargain they are - you can't have everything for only £4.50 a pop and carrying my lipstick around with me to top up from time to time is a minor. 

(I thought I would model the shades on my friend as she has luscious lips compared to mine)

Classic Red
Love me Latte

Pink Suede


Overall, I'm really happy with these lipsticks. I can't get over how cheap they are and each time I receive something from Phase Zero I'm genuinely impressed with the quality especially for their price tag. I love it when brands bring out good quality products at an affordable price as I've been so skint lately but I just can't help but spend!

Have you tried these formulas? Are you a gloss or a lipstick person? Let me know! Thank you for reading, 
Chelsea xo

*These products were gifted however that doesn't alter my views as my opinions are all my own*


  1. I think pink suede has to be my favourite colour, but they're all nice looking. Also.. your friend has HUGE lips, I'm jelly!

    1. That colour is beaut though isn't it! Haha, I'm jealous of her lips too!! xxx