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Slimming World @ Home

So, here we are... a diet diary if that's what you may call it. If you know me then you'd know that I'm always on a bloody diet. Story of my life since I was 18 as I've never really been happy with my weight but even more so now. Since I've been with Connor (yes I will blame the relationship) I've put on an extra stone and because I'm short, that makes me look even more like a meatball. Well no more, I am literally going to try my hardest to shift that excess weight I've somehow piled on....

I've tried every diet under the sun and I have actually tried slimming world before but only lasted three weeks, mainly because I had no one to go to group with and didn't want to go by myself HOWEVER this time, I'm still not going to group but with all the resources from the internet, friends and my books that I was given last time, I'm going to attempt it at home. 

I thought that if I blog about it, then it wold motivate me more to continue it as I've now publicised the fact I'm on a mission to lose weight? This is going to be a little journey and a break from all the make up posts. I mean, I did want to incorporate some lifestyle posts into my blog so this counts, right? My goal weight is 8st 10lbs so I have a total of 1st 8lbs to lose - it may not sound a lot however I really lack willpower so it's been a struggle to get that stone off. I start a diet on a Monday and by Wednesday, I've broken it!! All it takes is someone to mention the M word (McDonalds) or any shite and I'm all for it. I'm a social eater you see, I love to eat out and I love to eat shit, well not literally but you get me?!

What is it?
I'm sure you all know what Slimming World is about but if you don't then it's all about food optimising which is: Based on the principles of energy density and satiety, Food Optimising empowers members to make healthier food choices, satisfy their appetites and lose weight – without calorie counting or obsessive weighing and measuring it is a life-long healthy eating plan. Your daily meals consist of speed foods, free foods, healthy extra A & B and your syn allowances. 
Speed Foods - They try to encourage you to incorporate a third or half of your plate with speed foods to help boost your metabolism and keep you full for longer - this is majority of your fruit and veg, although not all!
Free Foods - Lean meat, eggs, fat free yoghurt, potatoes, rice, fat free dairy products etc
Healthy Extra A - Pretty much Milk or cheese 
Healthy Extra B - Could be your wholemeal bread or certain cereal bars, porridge, ryvitas etc
Syns - Anything that isn't in the above category would be syned and you are advised to have between 5-15 per day so you can easily save your syns throughout the day and treat yourself to a chocolate bar or a glass of wine.

My Food Shopping for the Week:


Some of my meals included:

This was probably one of the nicest meals I had cooked for a long time! Syn Free Salt n Chilli Chicken & Chips, Egg Fried Rice and Slimming World Curry Sauce - I got the recipes for it all from pinch of nom.

Slimming World Syn Free Burger in a Wholemeal Bun (HexB), Bacon (no fat), Onions, Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Salad and a drizzle of Crucials Yoghurt and Mint Sauce (3 syns)

BLT Sandwich - Wholemeal Thins (HEXB), Bacon (no fat), Tomatoes, Lettuce, Light Mayo (2 Syns) and a Banana

Poached Egg x2, Red Pepper, Mushrooms and Tomato cooked in Frylight, Wholemeal Roll (HexB) Homemade Chips, Gherkins and Cucumber 

I ate out and went to Croxtons one evening and still wasn't going to go off plan so I had Chicken Thigh (removed the skin), Rice, Black Beans, Kale, Shredded Red Cabbage, Tomatos and half a small avocado (4 syns)

4 x Heck Chicken Chipolatas (2 Syns), Homemade Chips, Spinach/Mushrooms/Tomatos/Red Pepper cooked in Frylight and some Gherkins
Peaches and fat free yoghurt
1 x 21.5g MilkyWay Bar (5 Syns)
Above are just some of my meals I had throughout the week, it's a struggle to remember to take a photo every time but I will try to do better. I only managed to go to the gym once too however I did smash that session and hopefully in time, I will gain a little extra fitness as that is a goal of mine too. Now, the naughty part.....I'm not going to lie because we don't do that around here however after the gym on Friday I did end up in TGI Fridays for lunch and had boneless chicken wings and mushrooms which isn't the END OF THE WORLD but I did also order a curry Saturday night and had a Chicken Ceylon with rice and a smudge of a naan bread (literally was only a small bit cos it didn't taste too nice) but pls dont hate me....I still done very well throughout the week :)

Ok so we know my target is 1st 8lbs to lose and despite the naughtiness over the weekend, I MANAGED TO LOSE 4.5 POUNDS woooo!! If I didn't feel motivated before, I definitely do now. My aim for this week is to smash the gym at least 3 times and stick to the plan all week because I have a few visitors down next weekend so I know they will want to eat naughty however I shall plan it a lot better this time! Are you proud? I am! Hopefully next week will continue to be a loss.

If you have any questions/tips/recipes or even would like to start this journey with me, feel free to chat to me! Thank you for reading this long ass post, hope I didn't bore you too much haha.
Chelsea xo


  1. Definitely so proud of you! Nobody can cope without a tad bit of naughtiness now and again - thats binging bait, may as well have your treats sometimes! 4.5 pounds is a lot of weight to lose so a huge well done and I hope you continue on in that same light - the chilli chicken and chips look so good! x
    Marina Rosie xx

    1. Ah thank you so much babe! I just hope it continues too. The chilli chicken and chips was soooooo good, definitely recommend trying it - the recipe I found off of xxxx