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Everyday Make Up Routine

I thought I would give you an insight as to what make up products I use pretty much everyday, these are my ride or die's! I wear this on a day to day basis and they are items that I would pack each time I were to go away, I literally cannot live without any of these right now. So, lets get straight into it...

  • MAC Studio Fix Foundation (Shade NW13) - Yep, I'm one pale bish as you can tell from my foundation shade however this has been my holy grail foundation for over a year now. It's a foundation that I always stock up on and always end up going back to. Although the staying power isn't the best, I do like how it makes my skin look and it covers up my pores well. Having combination skin isn't easy because it's hard to find products that balance between not clinging to your dry areas and not greasing off within an hour but this does an okay job!
  • Barry M All Night Long Concealer (Milk) - I mentioned this in a blogpost the other week as I had just bought it but I don't think I've gone a day since without using it. I really like the coverage and how brightening it is. It's not drying despite having that good coverage and I personally think it's an all round great concealer - definitely recommend!
  • RCMA No Colour Powder - I forgot how much I loved this stuff until I started to reach for it again recently now I could smother myself in it. It has such a lovely, silky texture which irons out all the creases in my skin. It's super brightening under my eye, maybe a little too brightening at times, but I feel it's great at holding my make up together. I think this is one of my best powders and I couldn't rate it enough. 

  • L'Oreal Back to Bronze - I am living for this bronzer at the moment, it's such a perfect shade for me. Not too warm but not too cool, literally perfect. It blends seamlessly into the skin and doesn't appear muddy. 
  • L'Oreal Life's a Peach Blush - I love the shade of this, I'm more into coral blushes rather than pinks. It smells beautiful and it's so pigmented, a little goes a long way. This blends real nice into the bronzer bringing both products together effortlessly and did I mention it smells amazing? Yep, I did but I'll say it again!
  • Kiko Glow Fusion Highlighter (01) - This isn't a blinding highlighter so don't be mistaken however I prefer that for part of my day to day routine. It's a icy gold colour which is the ideal shade for my pale face . It's very buildable and literally glides on. I can't explain how gorgeous this applies. It is another product I haven't stopped using since I got it and even the packaging is ideal because the compact is the right size to shove in my make up bag and take with me if I'm on the go. Plus it has a mirror inside too!
  • MUR Oil Control Fixing Spray - This was a another product I had picked up recently but haven't put down. I like the spray, it doesn't drown you which is good and for only £5 it doesn't do a bad job in keeping my make up on. It has helped a little with the oil control but I don't think it's AMAZING, it's just better than my other ones hence why I reach for it...


  • Maybelline Colossal Volume Mascara - This is a great mascara for, like it says, adding volume. It doesn't clump your lashes together and the style of the wand is slightly curved so it can get right underneath. Never used this before but my mum rated it so I gave it ago and use everyday!
  • L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara - I've taken a break from the Paradise one and thought I would go back to using Telescopic and I'm so glad I have. Another product I have rekindled my love for! I am living for the wand in this because it gets every single lash coated and lengthens them. These two mascaras combined are literally perfect together.
  • Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil (Milk) - I've really been enjoying adding white into my waterline. Does it help make you look more awake? Probably by making my eyes look more open and alive. Well, it's like dresses - black makes you look slimmer and white makes you look larger, it's the same case with your eyes!
  • Nyx Matte Liquid Liner - I haven't been applying liner to do a wing recently but I've just been adding it to my lash line to make it look thicker and darker so it actually looks like I have make up on. This liner dries quite quickly so you do have to fast apply however I love how matte it goes and the applicator is perfect for how thin it is. 

  • Peggy Sage Lipliner (Moka) - Received this in my glam box last month and am so grateful I did. This is the perfect brown liner and I have found it to be very pigmented on me as I only need one coating! It goes perfect with my lipgloss or even my Whirl MAC lipstick as it's a fab match.
  • Nyx Butter Lipgloss (Fortune Cookie) - I have a few lip glosses on rotate that I just chuck in my bag and use as and when however this one was actually in my make up bag so I thought I would include it. This shade is a pinky/nude so it applies amazing by itself or over the top of a lipstick/liner. I like to apply the Peggy sage lipliner all over my lips and this on top - lovely result! 
So, there we have it! Sorry for the lengthy post however I hope you find here some products that you would like to try or are even your favourites. Let me know what your holy grail products are below or even if these are any but for now, thank you for reading.
Love Chelsea xo

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