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Lunar Beauty Life's a Drag Palette; Review

If you haven't heard of Lunar Beauty yet then you've more than likely heard of it's founder who is a Youtube Sensation - Manny MUA. I watched his reveal video for this palette soon as it came out and I wanted it instantly but thankfully not too long after it was released, Beauty Bay stocked it (here) and then they put a 30% discount on it which meant I got the palette reduced from £37 to £25.90!! I am meant to be on a spending ban however it was an offer I couldn't refuse, at least I did save some money...


First of all, can we start off on the packaging please as every aspect of it is literally amazing. It arrives in a pink chrome type box with the name of the palette embossed in gold glitter. Then when you open the box, you are greeted with Mannys eyes that Lipstick Nick painted for the cover which in itself is fab as you can see a good use of majority of the colours there! The back of the palette is white with pink chrome embossed logo, with a little info and then Mannys handles. This product is ALOT bigger than what I expected and the case of it is very sturdy, it doesn't feel cheap at all! You open it and you have a mirror, 14 x eyeshadows and even a duo brush - I think the RRP of £37 is a great price for this! The pans are relatively large and you receive 21g of product in each.


The shade range in this is what caught my eye the most. You receive 14 x pans which are a combination of your everyday brown, neutrals mixed with pops of colour. You have 11 x matte shades, 2 x micro glitters and 1 x satin shade. It is such a versatile looking palette and just from first impressions, there is a great variety you can create with it - 100% would say suitable for everyone. If you're like me and lack experimenting with colour because you tend to stay with what you know, then it's a great palette to have because you can start reaching for those pops of brightness to add with your neutral colour combos and go from there. You don't get a lot of palettes these days that focus on matte shades as they are harder to create but they're the pans I tend to use the most. I also am living for these names for each one, I think they're great and if you watch Mannys youtube like I do then you know they're so relatable to him!

  • Cake Face – Pure white matte
  • Sickning – Soft peach matte
  • Hunty – Cool toned brown matte
  • Shady – Pure black matte
  • Trade – Deep burgundy matte
  • Mug – Deep warm brown matte
  • Beat – Peach foiled micro glitter
  • Legendary – Gold foiled micro glitter
  • Campy – Bright yellow matte
  • Pageant Queen – Purple matte
  • KiKi – Soft mint matte
  • Kai Kai– Bright pink matte
  • Snatched – Deep red matte
  • Fishy – Blue satin

 My favourite colours have to be the middle section with the foiled shades, Hunty & Mug but combined with Campy and Kai Kai - will definitely be playing around with those. I also love Fishy as  it has a lovely sheen to it and I love putting that on my under eye.


When I had done the finger swatches on my arm for the picture above, the shades didn't feel that pigmented as I had to swirl my finger in a fair few times and run it up and down my arm to get the pigment I want however that just confirms that finger swatches aren't the best when you're trying to review the palette because my god, I am in love with this formula. I don't like it when the pan is TOO pigmented and you end up with a blob of colour on your eye that you're struggling to blend out. This girl is intense but not too much so it's extremely blendable and buildable. Especially the white and black shades - the black is dark but it's so easy to blend so you're able to darken the outer corners of your crease with no hassle. The colourful shades were also very easy to work with as they didn't go patchy which is what I was worried about and I believe each shade is true to the colour in the pan. The two micro glitter shades (foiled) are so buttery and super, super pretty with or without the added fix+ and they weren't lying when they said micro glitter, no chunks in sight which is great.

I had a play around and I was inspired by Jamie Genevieve's take on this palette, using the pops of colour but not too drastic. For this look I used:

Hunty in the crease, built Pageant Queen up, darken the outer corners with Shady and used Legendary on the lid. I also used Pageant Queen along the lower lash line but blended it out with Fishy. I also added an inner corner using MAC Nylon and the Collection 2000 Glitter liner over the top of that crease to add extra pop of glitter.


I absolutely love this palette. I haven't bought a palette for a few months and I wanted this soon as it came out but I'm glad I caught it on sale fro Beautybay. I know there has been drama speculating with Manny MUA in the beauty community recently however I still love this product, my views aren't altered just because there is drama. You can't deny he hasn't created a great palette. You can tell that someone who is heavily influenced in make up has designed and created this as it caters for a lot of peoples needs in one hit and I love the detail and the thought that has gone into it, never mind the formulas of the shadows as in my eyes, it's one of the best to work with for me personally as I'm no MUA but just a lover of make up!

Did you pick up this palette? What are your thoughts on beauty influencers bringing out their own make up products? Would love to hear what you think! 

Thank you for reading, 
Chelsea xo


  1. A gorgeous palette and you got a very pretty eye look out of it! I don't watch Manny really, but I have heard good things about his brand.

    1. It’s so beaut isn’t it and thank you! I’m looking forward to seeing what other products they release xx