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Ok, I joined Slimming World Properly....

 I put up a post a couple of weeks ago saying that I was starting Slimming World at home, that lasted for about two weeks and then I had family over and went on a mini break to Bournemouth area and ate sooooo much food. I knew it was going to be a struggle to do it on my own so me and mum took the big leap and joined a local group - with Emma @ St Margarets Church in Highland Road, Portsmouth. 

Anywho, I've decided to do this food diary thing again properly aha (just incase you were interested of course)....

Day 1 - Tuesday

Breakfast: Muller Light Yoghurt & Banana (F)
Lunch - Slimming World Chicken (P) Tikka Masala Meal (F) & a bag of Spinach (S)
Dinner - Egg (F), Chip (F), Tomato (S) and Mushroom (S) Bake with 40g Grated Cheese (HexA)
Snacks - 2 x Hifi Bar (HexB), Mars Ice Cream (7) 

Day 2 - Wednesday

Breakfast: Egg & Cottage Cheese Bakes with Mushrooms, Ham & Sweetcorn (P&S)
Lunch: Seasoned Chicken Breast, Cous Cous, Cucumber, Tomato, Spring Onion
Dinner - Fish (P) coated in 1 x Toasted Wholemeal Bread (1/2 HexB), Homemade Chips (F) with grated 30g Cheese (HexA), Mushy Peas (P), Mangetout (S), Gherkins (S) and Spicy Mayo (1)
Snacks - Orange (S), Hifi Bar (1/2 HexB), Strawberries (S), Muller Light (F), Mars Ice Cream (7)

Day 3 - Thursday

Breakfast - Same as Wednesday
Lunch - Same as Wednesday
Dinner - Diet Cola Chicken (P), Mangetout (S), Baby Corn (S), Mushrooms (S) and Homemade Chicken Flavoured Rice (F)
Snacks -  2 x Hifi Bar (HexB), Mars Ice Cream (7), Apple (S), Hula Puffs (3.5)
Accidentally forgot my Hex A....

Day 4 - Friday

Breakfast - Same as above
Lunch - Jacket Potato (F), Grated Cheese (HexA), Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber & Spring Onion (All S), Heinz 5 Beans (P)
Dinner - Same as Thursday
Snacks - Banana (F), Orange (S), Apple (S), Muller Light (F), Mars Ice Cream (7)

Day 5 - Saturday

Breakfast - Syn Free Waffles (Using the Pinch of Nom Recipe), Plain Quark (F), Strawberries (S)
Lunch - Orange (S), Hifi Bar (1/2) HexB
Dinner - 3 x Slimming World Burgers (P), Chicken Drumstick without Skin (P), Corn on Cob (F), Lettuce (S), Tomatos (S), Homemade Coleslaw & Potato Salad using Light Mayo (6), Crucials Chilli Ketchup (1) (Went to a BBQ)

Day 6 - Sunday

Breakfast - 2 x Wholemeal Toast (HexB), Heinz 5 Beans (P), Grated Light Cheese (HexA)
Lunch/Dinner - Chicken Breast (P), Roasted baby potatoes (F), Sweet Potato (F), Mushy Peas (P), Broccoli/Broccolini/Cabbage/Carrots (S), Gravy (2)
Snacks - Orange (S), Mini Meringue x2 (2), Light Squirty Cream (1), Sweet Freedom Choc Shot (1), 1/2 Mars Ice Cream (3.5), Raspberries & Strawberries (S)

Day 7 - Monday

Breakfast - Alpro Chocolate Soyal Drink 200ml (HexA), Apple (S)
Lunch - Diet Cola Chicken Leftovers, Baby Potatos (F), Green Beans & Broccolini (S)
Dinner - Egg (P), Bacon Medallions x2 (P), Tomato (S) Sandwich with 2 x Wholemeal Bread (HexB), Crucials Ketchup (1)
Snacks - Muller Light (F), Strawberries (S), Mars Ice Cream (7), Hula Puffs (3.5), Options Light Hot Choc (2)

As you can see, I didn't go over my syns and I kept it quite healthy. Unfortunately I only went to the gym once lool however I wanted to get used to the diet before I get hands on in the gym *excuses* but I did lose 1.5lbs woo. Considering it's my time of the month and I am relatively bloated from taking advantage of carbs being free foods, I was adamant that I hadn't lost anything but even though it's only a small amount, a loss is a loss right?

Next week will be hard as this weekend I have afternoon tea for a hen party and then have Victorious Festival on the Sunday so I know 100% I will be over my syns however I am going to try and be reallllly good all throughout the week so it's not too bad...

Do you have any slimming world tips & tricks that you're willing to share to me? Let me know in the comments box below as I'd love to know. I've followed so many new accounts on Instagram and I'm so inspired to create some of their recipes. I may do a blogpost based on my favourite accounts/recipes soon, would you be interested in that? 

Anyway, thank you for reading my food diary and I pray for another loss next week!
Chelsea xo

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