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Slimming World Diet; 2nd Weigh In

Welcome back to my food diary because realistically who doesn't love food, eh? If you're new to these sort of posts them to sum it up, I joined slimming world 3 weeks ago now and had my second weigh in last night - it is a day late as I couldn't make Mondays group so instead of missing, I just went to the group the next day and I'm so glad I did as I lost 2lbs!! How I done that despite it being over bank holiday weekend I do not know but I'll show you what I ate....

*(S) = Speed, (F) = Free Foods, (P) = Protein, (Numbers) = Total of how many syns, (HEXA) or (HEXB) = Self Explanatory but if you want more info then check out the SW website

Week Commencing 21/08

Day 1 - Tuesday
Breakfast: Egg (P), Cottage Cheese (P), Spinach (S), Mushrooms (S) & Sweetcorn (F) Bakes with an Apple (S)
Lunch - Jacket Potato (F), 5 Heinz Beans (P), Lettuce/Cucumber/Tomatos (S), Sweetcorn (F), 40g Reduced Fat Cheese (HexA), Mullerlight (F)
Dinner - Scrambled Eggs (P), Bacon (P), Spinach/Mushrooms/Red Onion (S), 1 Slice of Wholemeal Toast (1/2 HexB), Tabasco Sauce (F)
Snacks - Strawberries (S), 2 x Hifi Bar (1/2 HexB/3 Syns), Sugar Free Jelly Pot (0.5), 2 x Mini Meringues (2), Choc Shot Drizzle (1)
Syns = 6.5

Day 2 - Wednesday
Breakfast: Alpro Long Life Chocolate Soya Milk 200ml (HexA), Grapes + Frozen Berries (S)
Lunch: Chicken Breast (P), Tesco Salad Pot (without dressing) (S), Skinny Sweet Chilli Sauce (F)
Dinner: Chicken Breast (P), Egg Fried Rice (P)(F) with Peas, Mushrooms + Onion (S), Skinny Chip Shop Curry Sauce (0.5)
Snacks: Space Raiders (3), Tesco Mini Wild Whippy (3.5), 1 x Small Foxs Cookie (4), 1 x Party Ring (1.5), Hifi Bar (HexB), Strawberries (S)
Syns: 12.5

Day 3 - Thursday
Breakfast: Alpro Long Life Chocolate Soya Milk 200ml (HexA), Grapes + Frozen Berries (S)
Lunch: Chicken Breast (P), Cous Cous (F),  Tomatos/Cucumber/Spring Onion/Gherkins (S), Chicken Stock Cube
Dinner: Lean Frying Steak (P), Corn on Cob (F), Tomatoes/Broccoli/Carrots/Mushrooms/Cauliflower (S), Peas (P), Skinny Smokey BBQ Sauce (0.5)
Snacks: Grapes (S), Hula Puffs (3.5), Options Hot Chocolate Sachet (2), Hifi Bar (HexB)
Syns: 6

Day 4 - Friday
Breakfast: Alpro Long Life Chocolate Soya Milk 200ml (HexA) + Strawberries (S)
Lunch: Chicken Breast (P), Egg Fried Rice (P)(F) with Peas, Mushrooms + Onion (S), Tobasco Sauce (F)
Dinner: I went to the Toby Carvery and counted the syns as per Slimming world app = Roast Beef w/o fat (0.5), Roast Turkey (0.5), Roast Pork w/o fat (0.5), Yorkshire pudding (4.5), Cauliflower (S) Cheese (1), Roast Potatoes (3.5), Spinach/Broccoli/Carrots/Cabbage (S), Peas (P)
Snack: Hifi Bar (HexB), Options Hot Choc (2)
Syns: 12.5

Day 5 - Saturday (this is when it got tricky!)
Breakfast: 2 x Hifi Bars (HexB)
Lunch: Afternoon Tea which included - Egg Mayo/Chicken Mayo/Ham Finger Sandwiches, 1.5 Scones with Clotted Cream and Strawberry Jam, 1/2 of a mini cake. I also drank a few vodkas and cokes...
Dinner: N/A
Syns: Not a clue how many syns it all came to if I'm honest!

Day 6 - Sunday (Festival day)
Breakfast: Weightwatchers wrap (HexB), 40g red fat cheese (HexA), 2 x Hash Browns (4), Bacon Medallions/Egg (P), Tomatoes (S), Skinny Smokeu BBQ Sauce
Lunch: Lots of alcohol
Dinner: Chips from the chip van (14 syns)
Syns: if it wasn't for the alcohol, I would've done 18 syns which is a little over however I did drink a mixture of alcohol as I was at a festival and it's hard to stick to plan when you're grooving!

Day 7 - Monday
Breakfast: N/a
Lunch: WW Wrap (HexB), Chicken Breast (P), Lettuce/Cuc/Toms/Gherkins/Carrots/Cabbage/Onion (S), Skinny South West Sauce (F), Sugar Free Crushem Milkshake (0.5), 350ml Skimmed Milk (HexA), Banana (F)
Dinner: Chicken Breast (P), Slimming World Chip Shop Curry Sauce (F),  Mushrooms/Onions/Tomatos/Lettuce/Cucumber/Carrots/Onion/Cabbage (S), Homemade Bombay Potatos (F) with Jd Seasoning (F)
Snacks: Mini Jammy Dodger Pack (4.5), Tesco Wild Whippy (3.5), Hifi Bar (3)
Syns: 11

As I said, I lost 2lbs which I'm extremely happy about, must've been all that dancing at Victorious Festival on Sunday. You may have noticed that I've been using a lot of Skinny Sauces this week and that's because I've had a few deliveries arrive that will help me stay on plan and that includes a bunch of sauces - Chip Shop Curry, Smokey BBQ, South West Sauce and Salted Caramel Syrup. These are all zero calorie, zero fat, zero sugar etc but there is nothing on slimming world yet to suggest any syns in them so to be on the safe side, if I know I'll be using a lot then I'll keep 0.5-1 syns aside for them You can purchase the sauces here for only £3.99 for a mahoosive bottle - can't wait for the White Chocolate sauce to come out!!

If you want to know any recipes or have any questions about Slimming World/my meal plan then feel free to drop me a comment or dm me on Instagram. Perhaps I'll also share with you my favourite SW recipes I've found and my favourite SW inspiring Instagram accounts too because some of them are amazing! 

Thank you for reading and here's to another skinny week hopefully.
Chelsea xo

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