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Unboxing My Glambox; August Edition


Wow, has it seriously been a month already since the last unboxing? I swear the months are flying by this year and soon it'll be Christmas....which if you know me, you know I'm dead excited about! If you didn't already know, this months Glambox theme was Festival which is perfect timing as I do have a local festi this weekend, woo.

  • Dragon Lash by Unicorn Cosmetics (Icefyre) - In every Glambox, you will receive a pair of lashes which is something that I love about this subscription. This months feature the new Dragon Lash by Unicorn Cosmetics -  I've received items from Unicorn Cosmetics before but didn't know about this range which is exciting. These lashes are quite long, relatively light and very fluttery. I love the previous ones I've received so I'm sure I'll love these too and the packaging is amazing! You also receive a little card about how to care for your lashes which is handy. This pair usually retails for £9.99.

  • Lick & Lash Pigments - Yaaaaas, I always get so excited when I receive the pigment pots as these are my go to products for a night out/festival. As you can see, they're both a shade of pink.. the darker shade is called Sherbet but there isn't a name for the lighter colour. Sherbet reminds me EXACTLY of Peaches & Cream pigment Mad Moiselle. I popped these pigments over the top of nix glitter glue and as you can see, they're very pigmented and so easy to apply. I'm excited to wear these and hope to purchase some more. These usually sell for £5.95 each.

Left colour is the white and red together and the right is just the red shade

  • Saturated Colour Switch Lipstick - This is something I've never heard of yet I find it very innovative. This is the white lipstick that turns an existing lipstick into a lighter/alternative colour, you put the white one on first then your normal lippie and blend it out or you can even create an ombre effect. This usually retails for £9.
  • Lord & Berry Lipstick (Vogue) - This shade is like a dark pink with red undertones. It's not a shade that I would ever buy so unfortunately this product probably won't get used however I can't deny the fact the formula does feel gorge. It's has a velvet matte finish and after doing these swatches, I struggled to get it off my hand. Personally, I would prefer more of a nude or a brown so I may have to purchase another shade just so I can have this formula in my life. This normally retails for £17.

  • Body on Demand Mermaid Glitter Gel - Again, this is probably something that I personally wouldn't use. It's a thick transparent gel with quite chunky silver glitter. I get that people would probably use it for a festival as some people do like to drown themselves in glitter however the gel substance leaves quite a sticky residue on top of your skin which is something that would irritate me. Apparently it can also be used a hair gel but again I wouldn't put gel in my hair anyway. This usually retails for £5. 
  • Wonderlooks Festival Hair Kit - This is quite cute and something I wouldn't of expected in this box. If you are someone who rocks those chunky French plaits to your festi then you will love these. The box comes with some gold hoops that you can scatter down your braids and also some small clear elastic hair bands to tie them up with, or even cute half French plaits would look nice. This usually retails for £5.50.
Overall, this box is worth £58.39 which is really good considering I only paid £18.99 (P&P) for it which is well under half. Some of these products I was super happy with including the lashes and both of the pigments however the other products aren't something that I would reach for even going to a festival so I am a little disappointed this month for that side of things. Luckily I still make my moneys worth with the items I do like! The clue for next months Glambox is New Season so I hope to see some earthy, warm toned products and of course, some new lashes. 

If you like these unboxing reviews and these products are right up your street, then don't hesitate to sign up (here) and receive them yourselves as although this month was a little disappointing for me, I still really love the boxes and most of the products I receive. 

Thank you for reading!
Love Chelsea xo

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