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Fenty Beauty Diamond Anniversary Collection

Don't you just love diamond inspired products because who doesn't love beautiful jewels? My friends surely are great for bringing me back the highlighter from Sephora in NY and the lipgloss from Harvey Nichols in Liverpool (hehe) and I'm so thankful that they did because 1. who loves paying £7 P&P from HN website? and 2. I am just so in love with this brand at the moment, as you can probably tell due to my blogpost the other week based on the mini fenty duo. 

This collection is in celebration of the 1 year anniversary from when the brand was officially born and of course, the products pay tribute to one of Rihanna's top hits 'Diamonds' aswell as the “naked” crystal dress by Adam Selman that she famously wore at the CFDA Awards in 2014. 

Diamond Bomb All-Over Veil (How Many Carats?) - £30
First of all, can we just appreciate the packaging? The compact is in a plastic hexagon shape, the same as the others, but it has a mirrored front with glitter embedded inside to make it look like diamonds all over. Inside the lid is a very clear mirror and there you have it, the highlighter that is a VERY unique formula as it has a gel like consistency making it cool to touch, it's actually quite weird but therapeutic if that makes sense? Fenty did release a brush to go with it however it was sold out but my brushes or even a finger works fine. It's really quite sheer and literally makes you look like you are sparkling as it's very glittery. If you don't like glittery highlighters then this probably isn't the one for you however I think it's divine because it's like you have a KiraKira filter on your face and body and who doesn't want that ay? Like the other fenty highlighter I have, its very long lasting and I have a lot of creasing around my eyes which a lot of powders usually sink into but this doesn't at all but instead makes my cheekbones very luxurious looking!

Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminzer (Diamond Milk) - £16
If you read my previous Fenty based post then you'd know that I absolutely ADORED the original gloss bomb lipgloss and so it is obvious that I was going to love this too as yano I'm obsessed with da gloss. This is a super shimmery product that has a iridescent shift to it making your lips really sparkle, you can wear it either alone or as a lip topper. It really reminds me of Jouers lip topper in Frost Bite as it's a pretty much the same shade as that but perhaps more holographic. As I've previously said, these lip glosses are very comfortable to wear as it's not gloopy or proper sticky, it definitely feels like a more high end lip product that is perfect in making your lips more juicy looking. 

Fenty is slowly becoming one of my favourite brands as I've started collecting a few of their items now and I've literally been blown away by each and every product, making me want to buy LITERALLY EVERYTHING if my bank balance would let me *dies inside as I'm so broke*. I really love this collection as both products have a luxurious feel to it and they stick to the theme of diamonds really as it honestly does look like diamonds on the skin, trust me when I say everything looks soooo much better in person as it's hard for my camera to pick up all the little glitter reflects!

Have you seen her newest launch which is the chocolate shaded STUNNA lip paint? I need that too!! 
Let me know if you've picked up anything from her recent launches.
Thank you for reading, 
love Chelsea xo

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