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IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream Review

A few people were as happy as I was when I posted in my Instagram story that I had finally got my hands on the IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream. If you didn't already know, IT Cosmetics has recently come to Boots in the UK, to many peoples excitement as it's a brand that is raved about. I saw the likes of Taylor Jane (her review is linked here) and a few other of my favourite Instagram accounts post about how good this product is so of course I knew I had to try and get my hands on it. The only problem is that the IT Cosmetics counter is only at selected boots and although it is online, I wanted to make sure I picked up the correct shade as this baby is £33 so it wouldn't be a cheap mistake otherwise! Thank goodness there was a counter in Nottingham, one of the main reasons why I'm moving up there in a few weeks....I also purchased the shade Fair, which I believe is the lightest (they don't have a huge shade range btw).

It claims to deliver 7 products in 1:

  1. Full Coverage Foundation
  2. SPF 50+ Physical Sunscreen
  3. Brightening Colour Corrector
  4. Hydrating Anti-Age serum
  5. Pore Minimizing Primer
  6. Dark Spot Corrector
  7. Moisturising Day Cream
So, lets see about that....

In terms of coverage, I definitely think it's on parr to being medium to full as it's doesn't give you a complete flat face once applied and it's super buildable. I personally would say that this has a semi-matte finish to it, I usually would prefer more of a matte however I really love how this looks on your skin as it really does replicate the 'your skin but better' vibes. As you can see from my picture below, it does a bloody great job in hiding my dark bags under my eyes and that would be the colour correcting side of it coming out to play. You don't even have to wear concealer with this! It's crazy to think of a product that is colour correcting and full coverage yet moisturising at the same time but guys, this is it! I'll let you in to a little secret.... I have applied this before, powdered over it and gone out which I then was asked - have you got any make up on? I said no and they replied your skin looks amazing....hehe says it all really. As you can also see from the photo below, how well it covers up my blotchy red skin, this photo has NO EDIT and NO FILTERS whatsoever so you can really tell the difference! I would also recommend to not moisturise or prime beforehand as that does cause it to separate, well it did on me, as it already has those factors in it.

The left side is no make up on and the right side is just the CC cream

We've spoken about the positives but now the negatives.....first of all, I don't think this is a product that will last as long as my other foundations. I need two pumps to cover my face evenly, I've only had the product a fortnight and I already think it won't be long until I run out which would be annoying as I don't want to spend £30 a month on a new foundation when my others literally last me half a year! My main negative is I don't think it's as long lasting on oily skin, waaaa!! I used to have dry skin so this would've been a dream for that however my skin has now developed into some oily craze, which I'm really trying to tame at the moment, so I do need to touch up within 4 hours - nothing MAJORLY bad however frustrating as I'm on the hunt for at least 8 hours of wear.

Other than that though, I do really like this product. I can see what all the hype is around and it's made me really want to try more from this brand including the under eye concealer and the Matte CC Cream as I think that would be more beneficial for my oily skin type. 

What are your thoughts on this cream? Feel free to let me know and if you have any more recommendations on this brand! Thank you for reading,
Chelsea xo

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