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Slimming World Food Diary; Week 5

Here we are again, back at it with another food diary from the past week as I had my weigh in at SW club on Monday and I hate to say but I put on 0.5lbs *dun dun dun*..... tbh I'm not THAT surprised really as I've been quite lenient in terms of syning and social eating. The thing with this diet which makes it so great is to not beat yourself up over a gain, it's not the end of the world and it just means you need to jump back on plan fully and try harder which I intend on doing.

Pretty much everyday last week I maxed my syns, Friday I went waaaaay over as I went out for a pub lunch and as you can see I ordered a 'Snickerbocker Glory' - I don't regret as it was tasty - but I also over syned by 0.5 on Saturday so by doing that, it has reflected on Monday. No danger though as luckily it was only half a pound which I intend on losing and more next week!

Here are a few of my main meals over the past week:

Great way to use a shit tonne of speed food is by chucking everything together, add a few Heck Chicken Italia Sausages (1.5) and some spices = some sort of curried bean stew..

Salt n Chilli Chicken, Egg Fried Rice & Skinny Chip Shop Curry Sauce (0.5)

These are AMAZING!! Only 4.5 syns per square and perfect to curb those super sweet tooth, especially if you chuck it in the microwave to warm it up so it's all gooey!

I LOVE taking leftovers Salt n Chilli chicken, or anything really, to work - so handy cooking for one as it turns into batch cooking!

Linda McCartney Red Onion & Rosemary Sausages with Veg & Skinny BBQ Sauce (0.5)

This is where it went naughty for me on Friday - although this was the healthier option on the menu, it came with MORE mayo that I expected - Prawn Cocktail Jacket Potato and Salad

Snickerbocker Glory - need I say more? Unknown on the syn value but it was heavenly

Using Pinch of Nom recipe - Homemade KFC = Double Down Chicken Burger using Doritos (4), Chips, BBQ Beans (0.5), Corn on Cob & Salad

Not forgetting Mayflower Southern Style Gravy (4)

Can't forget your standard Sunday Roast (syns for Yorkies, Gravy & Mini Stuffing Ball = 6.5)

Beef Chilli with heaps of Green Veg

Now, I know what I'm going to do this week to lose that weight and that would be try a SP week as hopefully that will fast-track it a little! If you have any suggestions or tips based on SP week then please let me know either below or DM me on Insta. If you want to know any recipes from the above or links for things, then also let me know as I'd be happy to help! 

Thank you for reading, 
love Chelsea xo

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