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Slimming World; Week 4 Food Diary

Welcome back to my weekly food diary whilst I am on the Slimming World Diet! I had a few people request for me to keep these up and last night was my official week 4 weigh in. I think I've been relatively okay the past week however I have gone over my syns a couple of days AND I did forget a few of my healthy extra A from time to time however I lost 0.5lbs still which brings me to a total loss of 4lbs - technically 4 pounds a week... I'm not mad as it finally puts me back under 10st, which was my aim. I just need to remember to plan my meals and stick to it - no bs excuses here!

If you would like any recipes for the meals or if you have any slimming world recommendations then PLEASE don't hesitate to drop me a comment or even DM me on Instagram as I would love to know. I've been following a heck load of slimming world accounts on Insta as it's perfect for inspiration and some of the meals look AMAZING - perhaps I will dedicate a blogpost based on my favourite accounts? If you're interested in that too then of course let me know. 

I thought my last blogpost was perhaps quite boring listing everything I ate out so instead here's a picture diary (if some meals are missing then it's because they were either the same or leftovers from previous meal).  Let me know if you'd prefer to go back to the old food diary and I will.

Syns: Hula Puffs (3.5), Sugar Free Jelly (0.5) - Everything else is free or speed

Syns: Gravy (3), everything else is free of speed

All Free/Speed Food, 70g Reduced Fat Mozerella for HexA

Syns: Jammy Dodgers (4), Wild & Whippy (3.5), Hifi Bar = HexB

Syns: Sesame Oil (1), Everything else is Free/Speed

Syns: Sesame Oil (1), Hifi Bar = HexB

Cheeky Nandos.... Syns: Peri Chips (15.5), Took the skin off Chicken so free, all else is speed

Syns: Skinny BBQ Sauce (0.5), Everything else is speed/free

San Free Dinner, Primula Cheese (HexA)

Syns: Salted Caramel Fibre Bar (4.5), Choc Shot (1), Hifi Bar (HexB), Strawbs (S)
Syns: Choc Shot (1), Skinny Syrup (0.5), Baking Powder (0.5),  Porridge Oats (HexB), everything else free/speed

Syns: Yorkshire Pudding (4), Gravy (3), Everything else is speed/free

And that concludes my weekly food diary. Any questions then feel free to let me know and hopefully I won't go over any of my syns this week so I'm hoping to lose more than half a pound.

Thank you for reading,
Chelsea xo


  1. Great post - all of this food looks SO good! I am definitely hungry now haha :) Love your blog!
    -Jenna <3
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    1. Hey, thank you! Haha, I'm always hungry!! Not a problem, I've followed you back and left a lil comment. thank you xxx